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Topic: Assignment / Discussion / Response: What is True Family?

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Topic: Assignment / Discussion / Response: What is True Family?


Page 1: Answer: A wife/husband, two and a half children, a dog, a cat, a bird, a house with a white picket fence...this was for years considered to be the ideal family and family life. There are many various types of families today...traditional marriage, single-parent homes, blended families, etc. Do you believe the only true family is a husband, wife, children, pets, etc.? How do you feel about same-sex marriages? A single woman electing to have invitro to produce a child? In other words...what do you consider to be an ideal family?
Page 2: read my peers response to the topic same as page 1: My idea of the ideal family, is the one that includes at least one adult caregiver, and a child or children that are loved very much. Because I am a Christian, I would include a Christian environment, a place where love is an example and values and responsibilities are taught on a daily basis. I do not understand same-sex marriage, and believe it is hard for children outside of the family environment to understand also. I believe that children of same-sex marriage families may be subjected to bullying from other children. I don`t believe you have to have a husband or wife to be a good parent. I have been single most of my life. I adopted my now 9 year old daughter as a single mom, and have been single her entire life.While I would love for her to have a father in her life, I don`t think that it is a necessity. I don`t judge same sex couples, I just don`t like them to show affection in public. Blended families can be great families, as well as bi-racial families. As long as the child or children are being raised in a healthy, loving environment, I have no problem with who is raising them. There are many single dads, grandparents, friends, and extended family members that are taking on the responsibilities of raising children today. I believe that they should be applauded for their efforts and supported in whatever ways are necessary.

What you write: Tell what you liked about it, agree with, make sure you add to the discussion. 
Page 3: Read lecture in attachments and write a 300 word summary of what you learned. Make sure it is at least 300 words.


Discussion Name Institution Discussion Many people consider an ideal family to be father, mother, children, a dog, a house, and even the idea of a white picket fence. However, in my opinion, an ideal family is where there is a loving adult or adults with children in an environment that is peaceful. Despite the fact that the convectional father, mother, and children is appealing, many other forms of families have come up in the modern era and they exemplify the concept of an ideal family. Many trends of unmarried couples raising children, gay or lesbian couples raising children, single parents raising a family, blended family, and even biracial families exist, and these are a representation of an ideal family. This is because what is important in an ideal family is love and respect rather than what is the composition of that family. I


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