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Topic: Anthropology of Death Research Assignment Paper

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Topic: Anthropology of Death Research Assignment Paper


From the given options please select TWO questions to answer. Please indicate which question you are answering and use the assigned readings and any lecture material we have discussed or watched to answer the questions. Each answer should be approximately 2-3 pages long (5 pages maximum). The answers are due October 27th at the start of class (7:00PM). Please use Times New Roman size 12 font and double-space your answers. A title page is not needed, but please ensure your full name is indicated at the top of the exam. Proper citation must be done if you are quoting or paraphrasing work other than your own. Please see UR Courses for citation help. For lecture material just indicate, (LN, date of lecture and 2016) and for the films, (Title of the film, 2016). Late submissions will not be accepted so please ensure you have your answers UPLOADED at the start of the class on October 27th (7:00PM).
I have given you two of the questions to answer.
2.What are the sacred and the profane? Can an item be both sacred and profane at the same time? In funerals, what items could be consider sacred? What evidence do we have of their ‘sacred’ quality (i.e., what characteristics do the items take on)? What role do rites have in relation to the sacred and the profane? What aspects of death was Durkheim interested in and how was his approach similar or different from Malinowski’s belief in the function of mortality rites? 
6.What are the definitions of euthanasia and assisted dying? What types of euthanasia are there? What are the moral and social issues with the differences between the definitions (euthanasia and assisted dying) and the types (euthanasia)? Do you think that resistance to stems from a natural fear of death or is it coming from social and cultural concerns. Please explain and support your answer with readings. 


Anthropology of Death Name: Institutional Affiliation: Anthropology of Death Question 2 The profane according to Durkheim are those things that are ordinary and include the mundane concerns such as bills and jobs. On the other hand, the sacred are the items that people hold as extraordinary and inspire reverence or induce fear. These entail the things that transcend the daily existence, and communities or groups set them apart such as rituals, beliefs, and religion (Longhofer & Winchester, 2012). The distinction between the two illustrates that no item can be sacred and profane in the same context. However, an item can be profane in one society while in another it can be sacred and vice versa. For instance, in the modern times, many things that were considered sacred previously are now taken as profane. The traditions during funerals vary from one region to another, and from one religion to another. In burials, some of the things that can be taken as sacred include the washing of the bodies and clothing them as per the beliefs of a community. The act is sacred because most groups believe that dressing them in a particular way determines their status in their afterlif


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