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Topic: Answering the Question about Energy and Environment

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Topic: Answering the Question about Energy and Environment


Directions: Imagine that you are at a United Nations press conference and are responsible for answering questions on the following topic:
How do we balance the need for goods and energy with the harmful impact production, transportation, and use has on the environment?
You have been given the questions ahead of time so that you can carefully plan your answers. You will need to carefully craft an answer to EACH of the following questions:
What is your opinion on jobs vs the environment? 
What limits do you set to allow for economic growth with the least environmental impact? 
What ethical issues does this involve?
As a regulatory official, what kind of information would you need to determine if a chemical is “safe”? Not using this chemical is not an option. 
How can you handle this? 
How would you address the potential threat to the air, water, land, or human health? 
What level of risk would you find acceptable for society? Why?
Nuclear power is one of the world largest energy producers. In light of the recent nuclear accidents in Japan and a growing demand for energy, does it concern you that nuclear power is one of the most abundant sources of potential for energy growth? 
What types of problems does using nuclear power present? 
What will you tell the people about the safety of nuclear power? 
What types of renewable energy could be a viable alternative? 
How could both nuclear energy and renewable energy impact the threat of climate change? Explain your ideas.
The Amazon Basin contains some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. The rate of deforestation and habitat destruction remains a threat to the area. Some of this is due to the slash and burn clearing techniques used in the area to create open land for agriculture. What can you say to convince the government in the area that this issue needs to be addressed? 
What suggestions will you make regarding the issue? 
How will these impact the local people?
Each response you prepare must be at least one page double-spaced and must address each aspect of the question. Your work must include all references consulted or it will not be accepted.


Energy and Environment Name: Institutional Affiliation: Energy and Environment The needs of people, availability of energy and the future conditions of the environment do not balance. Howarth (2012) states that damages happen to environments in use of dangerous forms of energy. A reconstruction of these activities for the best of future conditions is to work on the social welfare and avoid myopic decisions for the production of household needs. In doing these, factors that most people should cover up include jobs, population, and ethics. This paper states a few ways of achieving these concerns that will create a sustainable situation for the environment. These factors of interest should take place in a global sphere. Industries, governments, business leaders should come together to reduce the needs that stretch on energy demands. Some are rocketing population, overuse of natural resources, destabilizing production and resources (Jeremy, 2016). Population increases cause an elastic shift on energy use. The available energy sources are not enough to handle the needed productions (Howarth, 2012). As a solution, other sources of energy should come in to bridge the gap. Controlling populations mean an equitable resource distribution for everybody.


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