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Topic: American Revolution: Thomas Paine`s Common Sense, and the Declaration of Independence.

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Topic: American Revolution: Thomas Paine`s Common Sense, and the Declaration of Independence.


I need the writer to go on to my Chabot blackboard account click the History link then Read the instruction for writing the essay the instruction is also an attached documents. Then click syllabus on the left. Part 3 of the syllabus for the class has been posted under SYLLABUS and WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS on the Blackboard website. The links on the weekly assignment is the reading In addition, the first topic for the second paper has been posted under PAPER TOPICS on Blackboard. Two more paper topics will be posted over the next few weeks. Important info. The paper needs a thesis, structure, use of evidence, analysis, logic and argumentation, and mechanics. The writer must meet this criteria. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THE WRITER 00043209 OR 00040620 TO EVER WRITE ON MY PAPER FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! THEY BOTH DELIVERED C PAPERS VERY DISAPPOINTED!


American Revolution Student Name Professor Name Course Title Date American Revolution The American Revolution and its consequences played a significant role in initiating fresh levels of political participation including shay`s rebellion, adoption of Articles of Confederation, and drafting and ratification of the new Constitution. However, drafting and approval of the US constitution was argued to control this participation. The American Revolution was a political disruption that took place from 1765 to 1783 during which colonists in the thirteen American protectorates rebuffed the British kingdom and aristocracy, conquered the influence of Great Britain, and established the United States of America. After the patriots had overthrown their existing governments, closed the courts, and drove away British officials they declared that they were states and not colonies. They elected convention delegates, legislatures, and created new constitutions in all states to replace royal charters. Nevertheless, congress felt the necessity for a stronger union, authoritative government, and a constitution order, suitable to its republican disposition. However, fear of central power hampered the formation of such a government, and extensively shared political assumption held that a republic could not effectively serve a big nation such as the United States. Furthermore, it was argued that representatives of a huge republic wou


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