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Topic: America and the Flip-Side of Underemployment and Inflation

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Topic: America and the Flip-Side of Underemployment and Inflation


Page 1: Write about topic: Historically the majority of Americans have lived to work. With the down -swing in the economy and high rates of unemployment what are the adverse effects being experienced by so many people? Ex. stress, marriage, and relationship problems.
Page 2: read my peers response to topic (same as page 1). What you write: tell what you liked, agree with about her response to topic. 
Response: Not being able to work due to the status of the economy and a rising unemployment rate causes incredible amounts of stress. Clearly, this type of stress stems from different avenues for different people. For example, those who are in a position where they are supposed to be providing for a family but can’t, experience immense amounts of stress due to fear of not feed their children. They also may feel like failures (not that they can control the economy) simply because they aren’t able to contribute to their financial security on a daily basis. This can cause marital arguments and broken relationships. On the other hand, young, single adults may experience stress on relationships simply because they can’t afford to go out with friends or pay for expensive dinner dates due to being unemployed or under-employed. Not only is this frustrating socially and relationally, but mentally and emotionally it can impact your health. Overall, many people feel a sense of worth in terms of work and career and when this is taken away, especially when out of one’s control, it can severely impact quality of life.
Page 3: Read lecture and write 300 page about what you learned, this is mode 10 In attachments
Page 4: Discuss and answer: All my life I was told that the more education I had the better I would make it through my life time and that an education was one thing no one could ever take away from me. What do you feel are the most positive aspects of more education? Why? What about the people with little or no education? Where do they fit into society?
Page 5: Read lecture and write 300 page about what you learned. This is module 11 in attachments


Discussions/Assignments Your Name October 23, 2016 Your Institution of Affiliation America and the Flip-side of Underemployment and Inflation Historically, most Americans in the higher echelons have worked hard to get where they are right now (or where they were). Because of that the promise of “social mobility” – getting in the higher ranks – have seduced more people to work harder to achieve what they want. However, there`s one problem in this equation. Social mobility would only work in places with a lot of opportunities. This could be said as true during the earlier days of our nation, but these days, I could argue that social mobility is, for most instances, nothing more than a way for the capitalists to create ‘docile bodies`. This argument comes from the fact that today`s economy is mainly characterized by high rates of inflation and underemployment. Closing in to the ‘human side`, these phenomena could bring a great deal of stress and anxiety not only psychologically, but also physically, socially, and emotionally speaking. This stress comes from a ‘cycle` of hard work, failure, frustration, and back to hard work again. This might seem a little pessimistic, but the truth is most people would dedicate 10 hours of their lives for work, greatly hoping that it would help them achieve


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