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Topic: AHI 101: Ch. Burchfield Grain Elevators Painting Analysis

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Topic: AHI 101: Ch. Burchfield Grain Elevators Painting Analysis


AHI 101 Paper Assignment

See Syllabus for due date


In this class we have discussed how to approach a work of art with an eye for

understanding it This assignment is designed to have you use these lessons by analyzing an

original work of art. You assignment is to go to an art gallery, locally or elsewhere, to choose a

work of art, to describe it, analyze the style, and interpret its content. In Buffalo, we suggest the

Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Burchfield-Penny, or you may choose other museums or galleries

in Buffalo. Additionally, you may choose a museum in another city, but please discuss this with

your section leader. You must see the original work of art in person for this assignment to be

accepted. You are free to choose a work of art from any time period, but that given this is an

introductory exercise, you will probably find it easier to work with a representational work rather

than an abstract one.


You should begin your paper by identifying the artwork as to its title, subject matter,

artist, date, medium, and place of origin. You may want to say why you chose that particular work. Next, describe the piece in great detail. Write your physical description as if you were describing the work to someone who has not seen it. Describe the basic appearance of the work, identifying the various things that you see and how they relate to one another. Then, analyze the style of the work of art, in relation to the elements of style we discussed in the first recitation. Some elements will be more prominent than others, so make sure to describe these in detail and

consider how these elements affect the viewer.


Charles`s Burchfield Grain Elevators Painting Analysis Name Institution of Affiliation Instructor Date Charles`s Burchfield grain elevators painting analysis Grain elevators is one of the main artwork done by Charles Burchfield in the period 1931-1938. The art was made of oil on canvas mounted on the board. For so long, the art has been in the Burchfield Penny Art Center. It was given to the Burchfield Foundation as an honor to Charles in the year 1974. The art`s dimensions are 40 by 66 inches CITATION Gob09 l 1033 (Gober & Burlingham, 2009). The artist, Charles was considered to be one of the greatest landscape painters of the early and mid-20th century. Besides his painting career, he was also considered to be one of the excellent photographers. Being a good artisan, Charles was able to present his ideas affecting the society and landscape conservation practices. Grain Elevators is considered to be a beginning of the revolutionary as Charles started using paint oils as compared to the previous paintings. It made the paintings more perfect and clearly communicated the intended purpose to the intended audi


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