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Topic: A Comparison of the Goddess Aphrodite Research Assignment

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Topic: A Comparison of the Goddess Aphrodite Research Assignment


Choose a goddess found in any culture in any region of the world. She can be one that is found in our reading from Week Four or another of your choosing. Explain her place in the culture, her areas of concern, and any other important information about her. Either briefly describe how she interacts with humans or share an important story about her interaction with humans. Then, find three comparable versions of that goddess. These versions can be from other myths, cultures, or even modern appropriations of the goddess for corporate or other non-mythic purposes. For each of these three versions: (1) explain the function of the goddess; and, (2) briefly compare each of the three versions to the original. 
I want to choose Aphrodite as my main goddess and explain her role in Greek myth and culture. Summarize two or three myths that illustrate her primary functions. For example, select Venus, Inanna and Devi, explaining their roles among the Romans, Sumerians and Hindus respectively. Then illustrate how the four goddesses are alike and how they differ.


Comparison of Aphrodite with other goddesses Name: Institution: Roles of Aphrodite among the Greeks Aphrodite is one of the most famous goddesses of the Greeks. In most cases, Aphrodite is associated with love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Most of the myths about Aphrodite portray her as a beautiful woman with lots of love especially to men. Her attributes, on the other hand, include things like a mirror, dove, shell, apple, and scallop. Most of the sculptures that exist today also depict her to be nude.[Havelock, Christine Mitchell. The Aphrodite of Knidos and her successors: a historical review of the female nude in Greek art. University of Michigan Press, 1995.] Some of the important primary functions of the Goddess Aphrodite include procreation and love. These two roles are supported by several myths about Aphrodite. The first myth that portrays her as a goddess of love to human is the myth about her affair with Ares, the God of war. Here, Aphrodite is portrayed as a goddess who followed her heart`s desires; especially when she decided, have an affair with


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