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Topic: 5-3 Milestone Two: Hospitals Wireless Technology Research

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Topic: 5-3 Milestone Two: Hospitals Wireless Technology Research


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In Milestone One, you submitted the analysis of the Joint Commission Record of Care and the Treatment Service Standards, and composed a description of the standards, importance of compliance, and the deficiencies. Remember, you are to imagine yourself as a new HIM professional at a hospital and you have been tasked with reviewing a series of records (Record One, Record Two, Record Three), as well as Joint Commission Standards, to complete a ards, and regulations in regard to how health record documentation is collected, stored, and eventually reported. For this milestone, you will submit the analysis of the systems and technology of the organization, including the system for collecting data, the benefits of each system, and your recommendations for systems that might fill any gaps. To complete the project, you will utilize the information in the following scenario The New England North Hospital uses manual data entry for all clinical notes a : nd vital signs. When a nurse or clinician enters the health record, he or she has to all clinical locations with wireless communica tions to the main server, but the workstations need to be charged between uses and sometimes the nurse leaves the WOW plugged in in the hallway, writes down vital signs for an inpatient, and charts the findings later. The healthcare information manager wan systems with barcode readers, automatic data capture, and other tools to help reduce data entry errors. The system has a data center in a powerts to automate some of the conditioned, protected room in the hospital with generators to maintain power. The is concerned that a large disaster such as a fire, flood, or explosion could destroy the room with its server and all the dat healthcare information manager a. There are several options to consider: keeping a backup in another section of the hospital, keepi ng a backup in a remote location, or using a cloud server instead of the data center. Of course, a hybrid system using two or more of these options could be used, and each system has its pros and cons. Clinicians have been asking for internet access at t he point of care of their patients to use for patient education or to search for standards of care for unusual cases. At this time, the hospital network is completely separate from the internet to preserve security, but it seems it is t ime to allow access is up to the hospital information manager to present a plan to bring the internet into the hospital while maintaining a high Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: IV. level of security. to the internet. It Systems and Technology: In this section, you will examine and report on what technology is being used and how it is being used within the organization. A. Describe how the organization utilizes technology for collecting data, including the specific systems that are used. B. Briefly summarize the type or types of storage the organization utilizes and the benefits of each. C. Based on gaps  or issues with functionality with the current systems in place, recommend types of technology and storage options that would serve the organization better. Be sure to justify each recommendation.


5-3 MILESTONE TWO Name Institution Date The wireless technology is utilized to send and retrieve electronic health records. Even though, the vital signs are first recorded using a manual system, to share the information to authorized people, the information technology plays a crucial role (Ciampa & Revels, 2013). The challenge with this system is that all the health electronic information is centrally located on a server. The health practitioners have access to the information when a need


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