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Tobacco users and the Impact on outcomes in Public Health

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Tobacco users and the Impact on outcomes in Public Health

Compare outcomes achieved in public health efforts in terms of the control of infectious diseases and tobacco use. Which of these accomplishments has had the greatest impact on health status and quality of life of Americans living in the early 21st century? Explain and help me understand why you feel this way.

Using the CDC best practices report from 2007 I discuss this data about smokers and tobacco users:
State action on tobacco use treatment should include the following elements:

Sustaining, expanding, and promoting the services available through population-based counseling and treatment programs, such as cessation quit lines ( telephone hotlines)

Covering treatment for tobacco use under both public and private insurance, including individual, group, and telephone counseling and all FDA-approved medications

Eliminating cost and other barriers to treatment for under-served populations, particularly the uninsured and populations disproportionately affected by tobacco use

Making the health care system changes recommended by the PHS guideline

and I also discuss HIV in comparison citing addition CDC reports.

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