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Title: Class Presentation on ProjectType:Guided discussion with peers
Learning Outcomes Assessed:1, 2, 3
Due Date:
19 Sep 16 – 10 Oct 16 Weeks 9-11. Written submission due on the day of the presentation by 6pm.
Marked out of:100
Task Description:

Brief Task Description:

Oral Presentation

Students will report on their individual project in a clear and concise way responding to the following:

1. How have you gone about your project and what have been some of the things you have discovered about doing research and honing a topic/focus?

2. 2. What is the significance and value of your project? Have you chosen a particular way to present your project topic and why?

3. 3. What have been some of the challenges and interesting developments in relation to your Final Project as it has progressed?

4. 4. Through what processes of thinking, reading and writing have you come to decide on the form and structure of your Final Project Submission will serve?

Written submission

1. References: Your written submission should also provide a correctly formatted list of references used in preparing your presentation.

Project details: title of your Final Project and short abstract describing your project focus, planned approach and format.

Your written component should be submitted through the Turnitin point provided in [email protected] on the day of your presentation by 6pm.

Criteria & Marking:

The sharing of developing work is a key aspect of scholarly research, providing, as it does, an opportunity for focused feedback that can assist you in refining your project. The Class Project Presentation has two components:

The oral component:

· —provides a positive environment for students to share their project research, ideas and progress to date with peers;

· — enables you to undertake initial development of a rationale for the project that will be able to be refined to accompany the Final Project submission;

· —ensures that you gain the benefit of discussion, feedback and suggestions from lecturers and peers

The written component

· — provides an opportunity for staff to offer suggestions for further research directions;

· —helps you develop the capacity to present focused and succinct information about a project in the form of an effective title and brief abstract.

Assessment Criteria:

Your Class Project Presentation should demonstrate:

· — well-organised presentation — it is concise with a clear purpose and direction;

· — effective use of visual or other tools to convey the project topic in an engaging way;

· — effective communication skills, including in discussion with the class and lecturer;

· — clear articulation of a rationale for your project as developed to date;

· — ability to identify key themes, insights, ideas and directions emerging from your research;

· — evidence of awareness regarding how difference, diversity and/or Indigeneity present in the research site or issue and how these might be engaged with productively in the final research submission.

· — thoughtful and imaginative development of ideas for the final project submission;

· — provision of correct and full referencing in all aspects of the task;

· — provision of effective, succinct project information in the form of a title and brief abstract.

Submission:Presentations will take place in class. Your written component should be submitted through the Turnitin point provided in [email protected] on the day of your presentation. Feedback will be provided electronically.
This assessment item:

  • is a school based activity
  • is an individual activity
  • includes a self assessment activity

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