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Three Critically Important Values That Have Been Passed Down by my Parent to Me

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Three Critically Important Values That Have Been Passed Down by my Parent to Me


The paper should be on the order of 750 to 850 words, and provide a summary account of your values--both how some are passed down from generation to generation, and how new values evolved. 

Please do your best to respond to the four open-ended questions, below. 

Please answer all the questions in order.

You need to turn in your essay by Turnitin.com after you finish.

In order to prepare your paper, think about, and then write your responses to, the following points/ questions. 

1. Start with a brief description of the household you are going to discuss. What is the time and the setting [if not the present]? What type of family do you belong to? Nuclear or extended? Who are the members of your household? 

(((My family contains 3 people, father, mother and me.)))

2. Select and describe two or three critically important values that have been passed down by your parents¡ªor perhaps, your grandparents, or your guardians¡ªto you. (N..B: since many if not most Asian and Asian American families emphasize educational achievement, as well as respect for the elderly, please avoid selecting these important but all-too-common dictums.) How did your parents or family members reinforce the importance of these values in daily life? 

(((Please make up a story for my family.)))

3. Then select and describe at least two important values that you have developed on your own, that are not derived from or shared by your parents or other family members. How did you come to develope these different values? (And if it so happens that there is a complete parallel between your family¡¯s values and your own, try to explain how and why this is the case.)

4. Finally, describe how the interrelationships between your family`s members are affected by the value similarities or differences you describe above.

Please note that it is important to select key values that are significant, for both questions #2 and #3.


Name Professor Title Date [] Family Nuclear family A nuclear family consists of a father, mother, and children. My family is a perfect example of a nuclear family composed of three members, my dad, mother, and me. My father`s name is Simon Clinton while my mom`s name is Mary Clinton. Three critically important values that have been passed down by my parent to me The first significant value that my parents have passed on to me is accommodation of other people`s culture and divergent views. My parents have enabled me to learn that embracing the culture of others can make life more interesting. Furthermore, they have assisted me in learning how to listen to other people`s divergent opinions, however, strange they may look. My parents have always associated with people from all races, and I have neve


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