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The Win Strategy for the 2016 Presidential Election

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The Win Strategy for the 2016 Presidential Election


Standard Memo Template

Use the following standard memo template for most professional writing situations, including writing memos to your instructors for class assignments.



To: Recipients’ names and job titles

From: Writers’ names and job titles

Date: Complete and current date

Re: Description of what memo is regarding



Begin with a brief introductory paragraph that contextualizes the memo for your readers and describes the main point or course of action that readers should take after reading the memo. The introduction should not have a heading.


After the introductory paragraph, the body of the memo should be broken into sections with informative headings at the start of each section. These headings should not consist of generic words like "Problem" but specific phrases like "Avoiding Cost Overruns in Sector 7."


Remember that if there are others who will receive copies of memo, aside from the recipients, add cc: after the memo subject line with the names of those individuals.


This template is from Purdue University


Elections campaign Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Memorandum To: From: Date: Re: THE WINNING STRATEGY FOR THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION As the 2016 presidential elections draw nearer, there is need for some solid plans to be laid out on the best way forward. In this case, the best way forward will involve formulating a winning strategy that with help in getting the voters to rally behind you at the ballot box. As such, what follows is an analysis of the various campaign strategies that were used during the 2012 presidential elections. Specifically, this is an analysis of the different strategies that were used by both Obama and Romney in their race in the 2012 presidential elections, along with the various demographic considerations that affected the swing states and why they were such an influence in the outcomes of the election results in the 2012 presidential elections. By evaluating the various strategies that have been used in these two campaigns it is possible to come up with a finalized set of strategies to help with the upcoming campaign.[Pamela Rutledge, `How Obama Won The Social Media Battle In The 2012 Presidential Campaign`, Mprcenter.Org, last modified 2013, accessed November 30, 2015, http://mprcenter.org/blog/2013/01/how-obama-won-the-social-media-battle-in-the-2012-presidential-campaign/.] [. Dan Balz, `How The Obama Campaign Won The Race For Voter Data`, Washington Post, last modified 2015, accessed November 30, 2015...

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