Aug 04, 2017

The topic of drug-testing in the workplace

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The topic of drug-testing in the workplace

The topic of drug-testing in the workplace has sparked an interesting debate about privacy issues. I would welcome your thoughts on whether Canadian employers should have more latitude to test their employees for drugs. text being used - Zinni, Mathis & Jackson (2011). Human Resources Management. 2nd Canadian Edition, Thompson.
DRUG TESTING IN CANADIAN WORKPLACESStudent:Professor:Course title:Date: Introduction Drug testing policy in work places is not yet clearly defined in United States and Canada. Majority of organizations in US and Canada are not required to test workers for drugs. However, the government or a particular state requires employers to test workers applying for specific jobs. Under the drug free workplace act of 1988, drug testing has become widespread both in public and private entities. Most private businesses test their employees for various drug substances in the work places. Under such circumstances, these organizations are to follow state laws that apply to the specific type of organization (U.S. Department of Labor, 2010). The US department of transportation regulates employers with regard to the requirement in drugs and alcohol testing. Organization with estimated revenue of more than $25,000 is mandated to adhere to the drug free workplace act ( HYPERLINK "" l "about-author" o "View bio of Kevin Casey" Casey, 2011). Most countries today, Canada included have policies where drivers are not required to work under the influence of alcohol. It is well acknowledged by various people that the application of the breathalyzer by the law enforcers in detecting drivers who have taken alcohol have greatly assisted in reduction of road accidents caused by drunk drivers. This has prompted most other organizations to employ this tool in detecting workers who have consumed alcohol. Other organizations have also taken measures in identifying employees who consume drug substances such as cocaine and marijuana (Zinni, Mathis & Jackson 2011). Recent Studies indicate that 10% of Canadian workstations and 18% of BC with more than 100 employees harbor programs for drug testing. The drug testing programs are much more common in US owing to the enactment of the drug free policy in 1988. On the other hand, majority of drug testing in Canada is basically conducted in circumstances where safety is a concern (Macdonald, 2006).Necessity of drug Testing Programs in Workplaces Drug testing programs can bring many benefits to organizations. According to Rosendahl, (2011), there are so many uncertainties from new employees. The influence that the new emplo...

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