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The Setting and Where the Event took Place

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The Setting and Where the Event took Place


An event that change my life. first event I would like to write about. Judo camping its in France 2008, I went to France Salzburg with Kuwait international team of judo. We went there preparing to an Asian championship. this first event change my life in many ways for example, I became a champion, patient, and strong. or the other choice is second event. the first time iam in US as a student. please follow the attachment.

Narrative Paper Handout (15 pts)

Choose an event in your life that impacted you or changed your thinking in some way.  No deaths or car accidents, please!  While this is a safe environment, I am still going to grade these objectively, and some stories, while they need to be told, should not be graded.  Choose an interesting event that taught you something, caused you to change your mind, or caused you to change your behavior.  Remember, it can be a large event or a small one, but you must be able to relate the event in a rough draft of 900-1000 words.   

Choose an event you might write about, and answer the following questions: (You do not need to write in complete sentences; lists and bullet points are fine.)Where did this event take place?  Describe the setting(s) using at least 3 of the 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch).  
 Was there dialogue involved in this event? If so, try to remember as much of it as you can.  (If you have to guesstimate, that’s OKAY, as long as you capture the gist of what was said.)
Briefly describe or outline the beginning, middle, and end of the event.  You may make a list or draw a timeline. (Use the back of this sheet.)


Narrative Paper Institution Date The Setting and Where the Event took Place In the year 2008, I was selected to participate in the annual Asian Judo Championship contest that took place in France. The event was organized by the National Judo Association and was held in Salzburg. In a team of twelve, I could visualize how the competition was and though things would not come clear to me; I was still determined that the best would come out of me. This event changed my life and gave me the courage of looking at life from a different viewpoint. The training sessions were intensive, and they required commitment and a strong will to push on even when there was no more strength in me. On several


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