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The Recommendation Report

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The Recommendation Report


Project 5: The Recommendation Report

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Complete the recommendation report that you described in your proposal. The 2,500-3,000 word, single-spaced report (not including front and end matter) must do the following:

  • define a problem,
  • analyze the criteria for a satisfactory solution,
  • propose one or more alternative solutions, and
  • argue for the solution that satisfies the criteria best.

The problem may involve an institutional, technical, or public policy issue that you are working on or have worked on in your other courses; or it may concern something related to an organization to which you belong; or it may be related to a job that you`ve held or now hold; or it may connect to some other situation that interests you.

The solution to the problem may involve coming up with an original design, choosing between available alternatives, or providing needed information. See this report as a kind of "final exam" for our course—a place to demonstrate everything that you`ve learned about writing this term.



For the purposes of this report, you should find a situation in which you are writing the report to a primary reader who has “commissioned” it and who has the authority to reject or use your work. In other words, you are writing this report to someone other than your BCOMM instructor. The primary goal of your report is to convince this reader to adopt your solution.

The problem that you will attempt to solve should be real. A real situation is one that you have actually encountered and which affects other people; it might involve a current or former employer, the university, your major department, or a service group to which you belong. Ideally, you should have received authorization already from an employer or sponsor to analyze some problem or question and, using your specialized training and expertise, to find a solution. If you have been unable to obtain actual authorization, you should adopt the persona of someone who has the authority to apply his or her specialized training to a problematic situation.

Audience and Style

Your report should be written directly to a person within your real situation who has the authority to decide whether to accept your recommendations. Your tone should be appropriate to the situation; in most cases, it will be fairly formal.

Body of Report

All reports should introduce a problem, analyze criteria for a solution, evaluate at least one solution against the criteria, and recommend the best solution.

Front and End Matter

Your report should include the following:

  • letter or memo of transmittal (<300 words)
  • title page
  • abstract (150 words)
  • table of contents
  • body (2,500-3,000 words) including one or two visual aids
  • references (3 or more)
  • appendices, if needed

Evaluative Criteria


A: Effective design concepts and use of numbers.

B: Effective design concepts and use of numbers with minor instances of improvement.

C: Limited use of design concepts or repeated problems using numerical information.

D: Little awareness of design concepts or ineffective use of numerical information.



A: Report provides a compelling explanation of a problem. Throughout the report, evaluations, definitions, and proposals are effectively persuasive for the audience the report addresses. The report’s recommendation is clearly based on extensive research and cogent analysis.

B: Report provides a reasonable explanation of a problem. Throughout the report, evaluations, definitions, and proposals are reasonably persuasive for the audience the report addresses. The report’s recommendation is based on research and cogent analysis.

C: Report provides a less than satisfactory explanation of a problem. Throughout the report, evaluations, definitions, and proposals are marginally persuasive for the audience the report addresses. The report’s recommendation is based on minimal research and analysis.

D: Report provides implausible explanation of a problem. Throughout the report, evaluations, definitions, and proposals are not persuasive for the audience the report addresses. The report’s recommendation is based almost no on research and analysis.

Tone and Conventions

A: Professional but approachable style, tailored to the specific audience. Conventions are followed accurately.

B: Professional but approachable style, tailored to the specific audience with minor slips in clarity or word choice. Conventions are followed accurately but include minor slips.

C: Attempt at professional, approachable style, tailored to the specific audience, but repeated slips in clarity or word choice. Conventions include repeated slips.

D: Style and tone are inappropriate for written business communication.

F: Unable to assess.

Recommendation ReportNameCourseInstructorDate Rashed AlsuwaidiPenn State UniversityAugust 8, 2014Keith Jervis DirectorOffice for Disability Studies116 Boucke Building Phone: 814-863-180 Dear Mr. JervisEnclosed find the report on how to further improve accommodation for students with disabilities at Penn State University. The report highlights on the problem giving background information, research related to the problem, relevant evaluative criteria, and recommendations relevant to deal with the problem. This should be useful in providing a summary of relevant information on the problem, and will highlight on relevance of the issue. The research conducted delved into the possible ways through which to improve the lives of students with disabilities. Even though, the University has already adopted polices to ensure equality, there is no obligation to provide extra accommodation. Hence, collecting information stored in the halls and accommodation department is pertinent to the research. Furthermore, scheduling meetings and interviews for students with disabilities helps in gathering information. Hence, the research further focused on possible solutions to improve accommodation focusing on incremental changes and assigning specific roles to staff in implementing changes. I hope that this memorandum provides timely information relevant to further improve the accommodation problem among students living with disabilities. Thanks in advance for taking your time to go through the proposal and I hope to hear from you on the recommendation, and I will address your concerns. Feel free to contact me with my email and phone number.Yours sincerely,Rashed Alsuwaidi Penn State University possible solutions to improving accommodation for students with disabilitiesPrepared for: Keith Jervis, DirectorOffice for Disability StudiesThe Pennsylvania State University 116 Boucke Building Phone: 814-863-180   Prepared by: Rashed AlsuwaidiThe Pennsylvania State University August 10, 2014 Abstract/Executive summaryProviding reasonable accommodation for students living with disabilities is a major concern for Penn State University. However, this has mostly concentrated on education accommodation, but in order to improve equality then there is a need to focus on housing accommodation needs. The Office for Disability Services (ODS) and housing staff should be prepared to work together in order to further improve housing accommodation. Conducting meetings with housing officials will help to highlight on steps undertaken to address housing accommodation for students with disabilities. Furthermore, to carry out research interviews will be conducted to assess how students with disabilities view the current situation, and surveys will also help to gather information relevant. After gathering information the evaluation criteria will be used to assess the efficacy of the propositions. Focusing on gradual changes on policy adoption and students’ concer...

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