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.The rate of interracial marriages is growing in the world due to the weakening of the racial boundaries

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1.The rate of interracial marriages is growing in
the world due to the weakening of the racial boundaries. The world has become a
global village hence the increase in the level of interaction among different
groups. This has led to the cultural exchange where people understand each
other’s culture and learn to live with individuals of different cultural
background. The world cultures have integrated to create common culture in the
world where languages and geographical barriers are broken.

2. As the obstacles diminish, the depth of cultural
interaction also grows deeper. The movement of people across national and
regional boundaries has also contributed immensely to the multicultural
families. As individual share their cultural heritage, they break the walls
that had prevented interracial marriages in the past. The level of racism has
reduced over the centuries. Some races were considered inferior, and this
limited the chances of intermarriage. In the world today, all races are equal
thus they can marry from each other and bring forth mixed race families.

3.Even though people have moved from the past where
cultural differences acted as the stumbling block for effective interaction,
the effects of culture have not gone away completely. In some instances, the
cultural variations have led to friction and the family thus robbing it of the
peace and joy of belonging to two races. This problem has been witnessed a lot
in the US when a black man and a white woman fall in love. The two sides who
are so opposed to the relationship that the two cannot have peace. The child
born out of this union suffers the most since the blacks would see him or her
as white, and the whites would act the same. This is because of the deep
mistrust between these two races.

4.These days, technology improvement and
communication multicultural has been able to spread all over the world with
demographic factors. People from different sectors, the tribe, may meet people
who are differently who not from their tribe, race, and other attributes. Trade
has one of the major ways that has promoted multicultural families. If someone
moves from his home in search of daily bread, he or she ends up uniting with
different friends in the new environment. Later, a family is formed in the new
environment without keeping in consideration of their background and
originality. It is important that people from different business sector
interact leading to the growth of the economy.

5.Academic is another issue that have been fully
contributing to the formation of multicultural families in that people from
different background meet for academic purposes that later on they end up building
a friendship. Education makes people leave their cultural values leading to the
formation of a new culture that is entirely different from their ethnicity. The
importance of education cannot approximate in that the education contributes
all of the changes that we are experiencing in our countries. However despite
the enormous advantages of the education some disadvantages are mainly
associated with people interaction of people in the education sector.

6.In content of multicultural families text due to
people exchanging idea among different people thus leading to increase in
innovation and increase in creativity. People freely interact and share great
ideas that lead to innovation. In the context of interaction, they get to
engage in practices that are contributing positively and negatively to their
life this education a having both advantages and also disadvantages in
multicultural families.

7.The United States have different mixed races
composing of people who came from a different background. The number has been
increasing with alarming rate due to the growth of the state’s economy. Most of
the people prefer the united states due to some factors such economy status job
availability, education system and another profitable business opportunity This
has led to the development of the country since the government has laid down
some strategies and policies that regulate the multicultural families.

8.However, the government has not formulated any
policies that may limit the multicultural family growth thus people from
different ethnicity mingle together in freedom thus leading to even the
formation of new families that is composed of people who are from different
countries. Other countries have not been left behind in the content of
multicultural family structure. Multicultural has led to the growth of many
countries and economies since it leads to innovation and advancement in
technology, (Lee & Kim, 2003).

9.Adoption is one of the major social issues
contributing to multicultural families and race mixing. People from different
countries end up adopting a child from different countries. This adopted child
ends up been raised in their new country end up taking the new cultures later
on they end up been new citizen of the new country. Adoption as one of social
way of promoting multicultural families contributes both positively and
negatively to the society. Some of the estimated benefits of multicultural
families is the population growth. (Meyer, 2015).

10.Multiculturalism causes a division within the
country which is detrimental. Division
is created when a particular group of people refuses to speak the common
commonly accepted language by the community and resists becoming part of the
culture. They would refuse to recognize the same holidays and demand recognition
of their own despite being in a foreign. These and similar practices cause
community isolationism, which destroys the image of society hence leading to

11.Multiculturalism narrowly defines markets by
cultural or geographic areas, or otherwise separate people into many distinct
groups. Such multiculturalism will be
devastating to any country because it boldly stands as an obstacle in the way
of developing or sustaining shared goals and national bonds. Successive waves
of immigrants have made our country what it is today. It is fitting that we encourage legal
immigration within the bounds established by our laws. Immigration laws set limits that allow for
assimilation of the newly immigrated population. Without these laws, there will be a general
fracture in our society, and we will cease to be a united country. In the first 150 years of this country’s
existence, immigrants came with a desire to become Americans and to support
America. Today under the guise of
multiculturalism, many immigrants come with far different goals. Certain
characteristics define our country as a distinct group of unique people,
determine our national individuality, and establish our very identity within
the world community. Left unchecked,
multiculturalism will ultimately lead to a loss of the very culture that
defines our country as a separate and distinct entity from other nations of the
world. Multiculturalism is a quiet
invasion that allows a takeover by foreign power, just as surely as if we were
taken over by violence and force. (Yuan, Xuehui & Dagsvik, 2011).

marriages and multicultural unions in the world are more prevalent today than
it was in the past. This scenario has brought forth people of mixed cultural
origin. The society today treats marriage from different cultures as an
ordinary act, and the children are accepted in many societies of the world
today. The increase in the cross-cultural marriage is linked to the growing
cultural integration and the breaking of the social ties. Migration of people
around the world has helped to speed up the process of cultural interaction.
Some societies in the world are left behind in this growing trend in the
relationship. Cultural difference causes difficulty in the marriage between different


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