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The Outsider: On Being Different Research Assignment

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The Outsider: On Being Different Research Assignment


Hi. I need this essay for my English classes. Essay need to be simple for person, who learning English language. The topic of the essay: the outsider/Autism . The essay structure : introduction, 3 body points, conclusion. The essay should be positive, try to use more own words. Also when you using someones paraphrase or quote or something else from source show name at person before or after sentence. Mostly writers showing name almost in the end of paragraphs in the brackets. And after that I have to read all of sources and change everything. It takes lots of time. Please don`t do that. Write as I show. For example:" To work is a blessing", says Russell Honoree or as pointed by ....., as asserted by ...., etc. Show name of person or source exactly before or after sentence.
Here is 5 sources what you can use in essay:
here are some myths—things people think or used to think were true, but really aren’t:
• Caused by bad parenting “cold mother”
• Autistics can’t relate to other people at all
• Autistics are dangerous and potentially violent
• Autistics are not capable of achieving anything important in the world
The last source about 10 amazing individuals you can include in conclusion and finish the paper. Using all this sources don`t forget pls about reading packet, you must read from the reading packet 2 stories and show some quote or paraphrase from that stories in the essay. Teacher want to be make sure I read all reading packet and I`ll use in essay 5 sources what she give plus 2 stories from reading packet .I`m going to attach the reading packet to my order. Let me know if you have any question. Thanks.


The Outsider: On Being Different Name Institution of Affiliation Instructor Date The Outsider: On Being Different Autism is one of the factors which contribute to the neglecting of some individuals within the community. People who are suffering from this disorder are devalued and not considered as ordinary people like the others. Individuals, who are autistic, have occasionally been mistreated making them feel inferior within the community. They have not been given the freedom to exploit their abilities within the society which relentlessly makes it difficult for them to discover their strengths. Unless the community is educated and their myths about autistics are proven wrong, they won’t stop discriminating them. Some ideas as explained below which can help the society realize and accept the autistics in the society. Hasan and Chitale articulate that different cultures have developed myths which are attached to the autism (Hasan & Chitale, 2008). They insist that most of these myths have been proven to be provocative especially for the individuals suffering from autism. S


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