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The Nurse as a Knowledge Worker

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The Nurse as a Knowledge Worker


For this Application Assignment, write a 3- to 4-page paper on the concept of nurses as knowledge workers using the following guidelines and evaluation criteria. Use the headings below for each section. Use a minimum of three references from the professional nursing literature in the assigned course readings and other references in the Walden Library. If they are relevant, you may use one or two professional web sites in addition to the literature references.

Begin this paper with a brief paragraph that provides an overview of the assignment and its purpose. There is no separate heading for this paragraph; the heading for this paragraph is the same as the title of the paper. This paragraph will be about 2-3 sentences. The last sentence in this paragraph is a sentence that begins "The purpose of this paper is to ¨. This paragraph is worth 20 points.

Work environment and managing knowledge - 40 points


Select one of the following nursing work environments: clinical, education, administration, or research. Describe how nurses manage knowledge in the context of that work environment.  This section is one paragraph.


Managing change in workflow - 40 points


Consider how you have managed change in your work flow as a result of using some form of computer-based information technology. This section is 1-2 paragraphs.


Current use of information technology - 40 points


Provide at least one example of an information technology you use today that you previously did not utilize (perhaps last year or in a previous employment).  Discuss at least two ways in which this information technology has impacted your practice of nursing. If you do not use any computer-based information technology in your practice, review the media presentation and readings for this week and select at least one type of computer-based information technology and discuss how you would use this technology, and how this technology could influence your work. This section is1- 2 paragraphs.


Impact of information technology on the nursing profession - 40 points

Provide an analysis of how information technology impacts the profession of nursing.  This section is 1-2 paragraphs.

Summary - 20 points

End the paper with a one-paragraph summary of the main points of the paper.


Proofread the paper as described in the tips for success in this course and correct any typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or APA format errors before submitting your paper in the Dropbox. Up to 40 points can be deducted from the grade for this assignment for these types of errors, or for not using at least the minimum number of required references.

The Nurse as a Knowledge WorkerName:Institution:Date:The Nurse as a Knowledge WorkerThe nurses’ role in patient safety is vital and this is based on the provision of proper patient care and minimizing medical errors as they are involved at the point of work where most medical errors occur. Nursing work at the patient and health care system’ point of intersection requires a high degree of cognitive activity required to predict potential future problems and respond in an effective and rapid way to the ever evolving and potentially harmful situations (LaFave, 2008). The purpose of this paper is to provide a discussion on how nurses manage knowledge within the work environment (clinical setting), how change in the workflow due to the incorporation of a computer-based IT system (CPOE) was managed, and how the use of information technology has impacted the nursing profession.Work Environment and Managing KnowledgeApproximately 50 years ago Peter Drucker coined the term knowledge worker and he used the term to describe a shift from a manual labor based workforce to one that employs information technology as an organizational asset (Barton & Thompson, 2009). The term knowledge has several definitions, and there are five ways by which nurses know. These are empirical, ethical, aesthetic, and personal knowing including synthesizing (Finkelman & Kenner, 2013). In the delivery of health care today, knowledge is critical and for nurses as knowledge workers knowledge management comprises of both routine work and non-routine work. Routine work includes taking the vital signs and medication administration and non-routine work that involves making exceptions, requires judgment, and often confusing or not completely comprehended. In such an environment, the nurses’ title is irrelevant and involves the active use of collaboration, work, coordination, analysis, critical thinking, evaluation, and the willingness to be flexible (F...

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