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The Mummy of Hornedjitef, Sculpture of a Huastec Goddess

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The Mummy of Hornedjitef, Sculpture of a Huastec Goddess


This assignment is to select a group of specific object from the ‘A history of the world in 100 objects’ exhibition now at Saadiyat Manarat. Look at the British Museum website for information on the objects. Convey the physical properties of the objects and experience of viewing them, focus on the original cultural contexts including any intended meanings and uses for these objects. also, include a discussion on the intended audiences for these objects as well as the spaces and places they would have been viewed and used.

Student Name:Topic:Tutor:Date: 11Th June, 2014Figure 1: The Mummy of Hornedjitef647700119380Source: The British Museum Web site (2014)This is the mummy of an Egyptian priest (Hornedjitef) who was buried in a coffin in a second coffin. The mummy of Hornedjitef is housed within a massive black outer coffin that is shaped like the human body. It has an inner case that is decorated elaborately then the mummy that is carefully embalmed and wrapped up in amulets and talismans. The inner coffin has a face that is finely gilded with the underside of the coffin’s lid decorated with inscriptions of spells, images of gods that act as protectors, and constellations of stars. Below the face, there is a face of a sun god as a winged scarab beetle which is a symbol of spontaneous life and planked by baboons that worship the rising sun (Aufderheide 257).Mummification was practiced all over Egypt as a means for preserving a dead body for the afterlife. However, before the mummified individual enters the afterlife, he would undertake a hazardous journey; therefore, he needed to prepare carefully and he the individual took charm and spells for any eventuality. This evident in Hornedjitef’s mummy as it is filled with written spells and charms that he would use as he travelled to his afterlife (Filer 4-5).Looking at the mummy one gets the feeling of amazement as to how individuals in the past were so skillful to come up with such an elaborate body preservation method that up to date has not been fully understood. One is also shocked by the belief system that the people at the time had regarding death. The mummy immediately captures one attention and gives a quick mental picture of how life was at the time especially for the noble people in Egypt due to the obvious expensive materials used for burials. This mummy is displayed at the entrance of the museum for individuals interested in Egyptian history and the traditional religious practices and believes including hist...

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