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The Morality of Socialism: What was the God of Hegel and Hitler?

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The Morality of Socialism: What was the God of Hegel and Hitler?


written in times new roman-12pt,7 paragraphs(block quotes do not count as a paragraph)Each paragraph will consist of 5-7 sentences.no space between normal paragraph.
The first line of each paragraph shoulds be indented
text double spaced,except for block quotes
What was the God of Hegel and Hitler?
What was the distinctiveness of the German people over all others?
What is the Aryan race?
Who was Friedrich Nietzsche and what was his influence on Hilter
What was the purpose of Hilter,given Nietzsche
Why was the extermination of Jews considered moral under National Socialism
What forms of persuasion were used by the Nazis in inciting people to violate their conscience
Given the phrase" law above the law" from the Nuremberg trials,how does one interpret morality and from where must that morality come if it be authoritative
Ordinary men by Christopher R Browning regarding Reserve police Battalion101
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hYOLG6v6Cs History File Nazi Germany:Rise of Hilter
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArcPzfto0y8 Adolf Eichmann
8 footnotes from at least 4 notable sources with at least one from a book.Citations must be MLA format
please include reference page


Name Lecturer The Morality of Socialism Date The Morality of Socialism What was the God of Hegel and Hitler? In an attempt to unify man and God, Hegel identified God as, man thus submerging God into a man. His philosophy was that of the religion of the self and identification of oneself with God would be the premise of religion. In his “spirit of Christianity “theory, Hegel counters orthodox Christian belief that God became a man through Jesus Christ but rather to him, it was a case of man became God. That the absolute self of a man is God and that when a man strives to be like God, he is only striving to be himself, and recognizing his true nature. He goes ahead to claim that man considers all things not manly to be alien because believing other beings and objects exist would absolve man from divinity and make him not i


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