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The Investment Environment

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The Investment Environment


The paper has to be related to following components from the text Investments, Bodie, Kane, and Marcus, 2011, McGraw-Hill Irwin:

1. The Investment Environment

- Real assets versus Financial assets

- Financial assets

- Financial markets and the economy

- The investment process

- Markets are competitive

- The Players

- The Financial Crisis of 2008

2. Asset Classes and Financial Instruments

- The money market

- The bond market

- Equity securities

- Stock and bond market indexes

- Derivative Markets

3. How Securities Are Traded

- How Firms Issue Securities

- How Securities Are Traded

- The Rise of Electronic Trading

- US Markets

- New Trading Strategies

- Globalization of Stock Markets

- Trading Costs

- Buying on Margin

- Short sales

- Regulation of Securities Markets

5. Risk, Return, and the Historical Record

- Determinants of the Level of Interest Rates

- Comparing Rates of Return for Different Holding Periods

- Bills and Inflation

- Risk and Risk Premiums

- Time Series Analysis of Past Rates of Return

- The Normal Distribution

- Deviation from Normally and Risk Measures

- Historic Returns on Risky Portfolios

- Long-Term Investments

returns / risk aversion / utility of wealth

securities markets and trading rules


Investment analysis Name Course Instructor Date A] The Investment Environment Real assets and financial assets Typically increased savings and investment result to reduced current consumption as well as planned later consumption. In a balance sheet assets are related of the net worth of a business, and real assets are tangible asserts that determine productive capacity. In comparison financial assets are claims to real assets and include many of the financial securities. As such, financial assets are easily convertible to cash, since the assets are more liquid compared to real assets. The main forms of financial assets are fixed income, equity (common stock) and derivative securities. Financial markets and the economy In the digital age, information is more diffused since people are likely to access information through the Google effect (Bodie, Kane & Marcus, 2011). At the same time, consumption timing and allocation of risk influence the decision of investors. For market players in the financial markets, separation of ownership and stewardship are important to improving corporate governance and adhering to corporate ethics. The emergence of corporate scandals resulting from flouting ethics and fraud has highlighted the benefits of corporate governance. As such, the role of watch dogs has a played a prominent role towards improving oversight of companies to ensure that information presented to the public is timely and accurate. The investment process The investmen...

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