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The impact of Alqaieda

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The impact of Alqaieda


Hi there, this the big essay continuation of order 42929 4100 word please use the PDF files in order 42929 plus the additional one for the argument (please build up on the file that is attached - #00042929). We are Arguing the following while Al-Qaida was forming its organization the CIA intelligence service failed to penetrate its ranks and find out about the 9/11 attacks ….. 1- While it was forming the organization, the CIA was struggling for some reasons .. write abot the formation and link the success of this formation the reasons of the struggles CIA was facing according to the commission report. 2- The long strategies of AlQaeda linked with the ideiology and the CIA struggle and why did the CIA did not see this coming .. lak of resources and linguistic agents also in the commission report. 3- While Al-qaeda was forming and strengthening its counter intelligence for the long run the CIA and the other agencies failed to unit and share intelligence with each other`s 4- Prove that the early failure led to several attacks in several areas in the world 5- Also bring the shift of priorities of the CIA after the cold war and its effect on the rise of al-Qaida 6- 9/11 attack as a result of the intelligence failure. 7- The eeforts to reform the CIA and other state agencies, then the counter terrorism deal between USA and Europe. Please don`t ignore this request >> you need to list the page # in your citation please ;; The essay is main argument while al-Qaida was forming CIA was struggling why " and how , then the outcome.


CIA STRUGGLES AND RISE OF AL-QAEDA Name Course Date CIA Struggles and Rise of Al-Qaeda Introduction US intelligence is believed to be the most powerful, robust and up to date in the world. Going by the expenditure on intelligence alone, it is correct to assume it should be able to foresee and foretell potential attacks from whatever part of the world. However in the build up to the 9/11, the intelligence system failed and was not able to predict the attack. Additionally, the central intelligence agency (CIA) is blamed to have missed the point when al-Qaida was forming and recruiting members. This paper argues that the CIA struggles were solely the reasons for blossoming of al-Qaida, the 9/11 attack and other intelligence mishaps in the post-cold war. The paper starts by analyzing the how a struggling CIA fuelled al-Qaeda success then argues that poor information sharing between CIA and other agencies failed to stop al-Qaeda from strengthening its ranks. Finally, the paper looks at CIA priorities in the post-cold war and its relation to al-Qaeda and then stakes a claim that the 9/11 attack was purely a result of Intelligence failure. CIA struggles and how it fuelled al-Qaida success As the threat of terrorism and al-Qaeda grew, the central intelligence agency which is charged within diligence gathering continued to struggle and made blunders that led to collateral damages and loss of lives in the...

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