Jul 20, 2017

The Historical and Ideological Developments of UK Education Policy

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The Historical and Ideological Developments of UK Education Policy


Dear writer please read this carefully and please use all information from UK only. 

Please include these books in the essay

Baldock J, Manning N & Vickerstaff S (2007). Social Policy. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press 

Blakemore, K (2007). Social Policy: An introduction. 3rd ed. Milton Keynes: Open University Press

Bochel, H. M. (2009). Social Policy: issues and developments. 2nd ed. Harlow: Longman

Please writer make sure that all citation must have page number. 

Thank you so much for ur help 

Guidance on Assignment (Learning Outcome 1)

Demonstrate an understanding of the historical and ideological developments of UK social policy identifying the underpinning principles and values.

-  You will need to choose a relevant Social Policy to focus on. One of the five Giant Evils that have been covered in the module. 

-  I chosen Education about this essay and link it with Marxism . write about how Marxist views on education.. 

-  This essay will focus more in education so please give more attention and write about education. 

-  Briefly look at how this policy has been developed in the UK, historically (from the 1940s to present) and ideologically (i.e., how different political views have influenced the development of the policy).

-  Identify the key values and principles underpinning this particular Social Policy 

-  Examples of how the policy been put into practice within the UK (locally/nationally)

-  Check that Learning Outcome 1 has been addressed.

2. Structure of the Assignment

Start with an Introduction (no more than 200 words), which explains the topic in your own words and tells the reader what to expect from the main body of the essay. Say why you chose the particular Social Policy. 

The Main Body of the assignment 

- the historical development of the chosen policy in the UK mainly from the 1940s (don’t make this too big a part);

- the ideological development of the policy, i.e., how have politics, the main ideologies and other factors (e.g., Community Care, mixed economy of care, consumerism, empowerment of service-users, purchaser-provider split etc), affected the development of the policy up to the present;

- the principles and values which lie behind the policy in respect of Health and Social Care workers and service-users, e.g., elimination of poverty, protection against abuse; development of new roles;

- you need to mention legislation (i.e., Laws and Regulations), Government White or Green papers and other publications or research which have influenced the policy and its formation and application to Social or Healthcare Practice. You do not need to reproduce whole sections of an Act – just refer to a section, and of course, reference your source.

- you need to “demonstrate an understanding” that is you need to define what is meant by (e.g., Social Policy, ideologies etc), explain, identify and discuss the policy (e.g., explain in your own words), thinking about the ideals and main beliefs behind the policy. 

The Conclusion should summarise the main body. 200 words This gives you the opportunity to draw together what you have found out from your studies, research, reading, lectures etc, about the topic you have chosen.

Your assignment will be marked using the following:-

• How well you have addressed all parts of Learning Outcome (you must address all parts of Learning Outcome to get a Pass grade);

• Evidence of how well you have used the reading materials, lists, lecture notes and handouts in the essay; as well as the guidance given;

• How clearly you have understood and explained the main ideas and values implicit in the subject of Social Policy;

• The appropriateness of your topic and themes and how well you have dealt with them locally/nationally;

• Referencing and Bibliography.


The Historical and Ideological Developments of UK Education Policy Name Course College Tutor December 23, 2014 The Historical and Ideological Developments of UK Education Policy Introduction In the recent past, Britain has formulated a lot of pioneering reforms to its education system in an endeavour to improve educational standards. These reforms are market-oriented (Hill, 2001.p.124). The UK education system is allied with Marxism, a theory conceptualized by Friedrich Engels and Karl Max in 1800s. The two developed conjectural viewpoints on contemporary societies which have been widely utilized in giving emphasis to the purpose and meaning of education in the society. The most notable education reform is that parents in UK have been given a variety of choices with regard to the schools their kids attend and the schools have inevitably been compelled to become more responsible. In the utopian visualization of communism as proposed by Karl Max, education is supposed to groom well-socialized persons in order to create a supportive and harmonious society so as to release creativity in all of its forms (Hansen& Vignoles, 2005.p. 201). Thus Marxism is still inherently evident in the modern day UK education policy as stakeholders strive to implement nationally prescribed curriculum, post-compulsory schooling and they have also introduced tuition fees for higher education. In generations that came later on; neo-Marxian theorists and philosophers developed more r...

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