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The Effectiveness of the International Human Rights (UNCHR)

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The Effectiveness of the International Human Rights (UNCHR)


Structure of the essay:

• Double spaced

• Font size Times New roman 12

• 3000 words. The word limit does not include the following: abstracts, contents page, diagrams, graphs, images, reference list, bibliography or appendices

• Use the books which I will attach to you I will write their names and cite them properly within text and bibliography.

• You can use online sources but they should be either academic resources or reputable journalistic ones, in all cases proper citations must be given.

Essay question is “Does the international human rights regime protects all individuals effectively?” and I asked it from my professor he approved that I can use this question and he told me these things "The topic sounds fine, though it is quite broad so it will be important to think about how you will answer the question and support your answer with specific arguments and evidence. This is, in essence, what the outline will help you do." I would like you to give me an outline of the essay in 24 hours. And after wait for me to give the feedback, which the teacher will give me in 3 weeks time, do not rush to write it. I do not want you continue to write the essay before I give you the feedback which I will get therefore I am giving you long deadline for it. I will also attach an outline example and a good essay example of other student. There is no need outline to be very long no need more than 2 pages. Just what is the question how am I going to answer it. It should be outline of my argument. Just question bullet points and Thesis statement what the essay is going to be what is my argument for this question do I agree with question or not and the conclusion I mean my personal idea my side for this question obviously it is up to you how you want to write it. From which perspective we look at it. There should be start points of our arguments we have to give him a sense what will be answer from outline he has to understand we will be able to tackle this question. I do not want him to tell me change this question cause I do not think you will be able to answer it. Show how we plan to tackle this question. Question answer how am I going to show my answer is right how am I going to support it. I will also send pdfs’ of books which you have to look in order to write the essay.


1. Forging A Global Culture of Human Rights: Origins and Prospects of the International Bill of Rights Zehra F Kabasakal Arat 2006

2. Knowing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Mary Ann Glendon 1997-1998

3. Reclaiming and rebuilding the history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Susan Waltz 06/2002

4. Alves, J. A. Lindgren (Jose Augusto Lindgr (2000). "The Declaration of Human Rights in Postmodernity". Human 

rights quarterly (0275-0392), 22 (2), p. 478.

5. Lauren, Paul Gordon (2007). ""To Preserve and Build on its Achievements and to Redress its Shortcomings": The Journey from the Commission on Human Rights to the Human Rights Council". Human rights quarterly (0275-0392), 29 (2), p. 307.

6. The last utopia: human rights in history Moyn, Samuel 2012

7. Mutua, Makau (2007). "Standard Setting in Human Rights: Critique and Prognosis". Human rights quarterly (0275-0392), 29(3), p. 547.


The effectiveness of the international human rights regime in protecting all individuals Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Table of Contents  TOC o "1-3" h z u  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589775" Abstract  PAGEREF _Toc437589775 h 3  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589776" 1.0 Introduction  PAGEREF _Toc437589776 h 4  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589777" 2.0 Research question  PAGEREF _Toc437589777 h 5  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589778" 3.0 The Background  PAGEREF _Toc437589778 h 6  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589779" 4.0 Key concepts  PAGEREF _Toc437589779 h 7  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589780" 4.1 International human rights regime  PAGEREF _Toc437589780 h 7  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589781" 4.2 Human rights  PAGEREF _Toc437589781 h 7  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589782" 4.3 Universal Declaration of Human Rights  PAGEREF _Toc437589782 h 7  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589783" 5.0 International human rights regime in protecting victims of human rights abuses effectively  PAGEREF _Toc437589783 h 7  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589784" 6.0 International human rights regime failure to protect victims of human rights abuses effectively  PAGEREF _Toc437589784 h 12  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589785" 7.0 Human Rights Council more effective in protecting human rights of all  PAGEREF _Toc437589785 h 15  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589786" 8.0 Conclusion  PAGEREF _Toc437589786 h 16  HYPERLINK l "_Toc437589787" 9.0 References  PA...

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