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The Effect an Individual`s Actions Have On Other People

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The Effect an Individual`s Actions Have On Other People


In a Critical/Analytical Response to Literary Text, explore the idea developed by Arthur Miller in The Crucible about the effect an individual`s actions have on other people. 
In your planning and writing, consider the following:
You must focus your discussion on The Crucible.
Carefully consider your controlling idea or how you will create a strong unifying effect in your response—make use of the formula for Thesis Statements (Title, Author, Genre);
As you develop your ideas, support them with appropriate, relevant, and meaningful examples from the text—this includes utilizing the strategy of Point / Proof / Analysis (PPA) and recording citations (page numbers) effectively.
You may use your class notes and handouts to assist your writing process.
The Do Not List (Miscellaneous Stuff):
Do not use contractions (don’t, can’t, won’t, etc) or informal language (i.e. a lot).
Do not use “I” or “you”—except in the personal section of your PRT.
Do not write “in this essay I will,” or anything along those lines.
Do not write in the past tense (was); always write in the present tense (is) because you are currently reading / viewing the text studied (so it is not the past)!
Do not use clichés (i.e. “since the beginning of time”).
Do not use “Soapbox Statements” (i.e. “everyone loves Brussels sprouts”).
Do not include a Cover Page.
Novels, TV, and Movie titles are underlined; Short Stories, Songs, and Poems are in “quotation marks.”


Student Name: Date: Course: The Effect an Individual`s Actions Have On Other People The effect of individual actions has over family and the society are well described in The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Every character’s action in the play has a direct or indirect effect on another one. At the center of the action is John Proctor, a respected gentleman in Salem who closely guards his reputation. Proctors infidelity with his servant Abigail has come to haunt him. Abigail, the girl Proctor had an affair with, is still convinc


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