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The craze that is the Cappuccino

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The craze that is the Cappuccino


Grading Rubric for Mini-Ethnography (25 points)


Format (Organization of Paper)

5 –Appropriate font size, spacing; well-organized paragraphs

4 –Appropriate font size, spacing; organized paragraphs

3 –minor font size/spacing changes; acceptable paragraphs

2 –noticeable font size/spacing changes; poorly organized paragraphs

1 –glaring font size/spacing changes; no paragraphs

0 – No title; ridiculous font size/spacing; no paragraphs

Note: 1 point each will be deducted for missing title, unacceptable title, or no page numbering.


Method (Ethnography)

5 – Clear, strong description of ethnographic method; detailed interviews or participant observation conducted

4– Good description of ethnographic method; somewhat detailed interviewed or participant observation conducted

3 – Mediocre description of ethnographic method; interviews conducted but lack detail

2 – Below average description of ethnographic method; few interviews with limited detail

1 – Vague ethnographic method described; at least one interview conducted

0 – No interviews or participant observation conducted



Background Research (Literature, Citations)

5 – Uses articles and lectures from within class relevant to project; in-depth discussion of these sources and the concept developed in them in your own words

4 – Uses articles and lectures from within class relevant to project; good discussion of these sources and the concept

3 – Uses at least one article from class; discussions limited to quotations from the article

2 – Cites at least one article from class, no discussion of the article

1 – No reference to article or lecture from class


Analysis (Arguments, Connections)

5 – Strong, clear connections made between literature & ethnography; excellent insight

4 – Good connections made between literature and ethnography; quality insight

3 – Mediocre connections made between literature and ethnography; average insight

2 – Below average connections made between data gathered; weak insight

1 – Weak connections made between data gathered; very few arguments made

0 – No analysis or connections made between literature and ethnography


Language (Spelling, Grammar, Sentence Fluency)

5 – Excellent grammar and spelling; appropriate, varied vocabulary; negligible mistakes

4 – Good grammar and spelling; somewhat varied vocabulary; minor mistakes

3 – Mediocre grammar and spelling; average vocabulary; noticeable mistakes

2 – Poor grammar and spelling; repetitive vocabulary; glaring mistakes

1 – Very poor grammar and spelling; elementary vocabulary; plenty of mistakes

0 – Complete gibberish; utterly incomprehensible; non-existent words used


Note: plagiarism, including between students, automatically results in F

Student:Professor:Course title:Date:The craze that is the CappuccinoSummary of project This is ethnography of material culture, and the project will entail delving the Italian Cappuccino to understand how this world-famous Italian coffee became popular internationally. In this project, ethnographic qualitative study was carried out. Moreover, literature review on online databases and websites on the subject matter was also carried out. Description of the projectFor this project, the following are the research questions:How is the Cappuccino prepared?How significant is the Cappuccino in the Italian culture?What has made the Italian Cappuccino so popular internationally?This was an ethnographic qualitative research and it entailed carrying out in-depth interviews with the participants of this research in order to gain a comprehensive and broad knowledge and understanding about the subject matter. The setting of this project basically included Cappuccino restaurants as well as coffee houses, and a total of 120 guests and 10 Cappuccino baristas in 12 Cappuccino restaurants and coffee houses were interviewed. It was observed that Cappuccino is a popular drink not only to Italians, but also to patrons from other nations. The preparation of this drink was also observed. Background A cappuccino is essentially a coffee drink most popular in Italy and is traditionally prepared using steamed-milk foam, hot, and espresso. This drink is usually prepared in a steam-producing espresso machine. In essence, one pours the espresso into the bottom third of the cup, a similar amount of hot milk is then poured. The top third of the cappuccino comprises milk foam which could be decorated using artistic drawings made using the same milk, commonly known as latte art (Marshall 7). As served in other parts of the world, particularly North America and other countries in Europe in coffee houses, the total of foam/milk and espresso consist of roughly 150ml to 180 ml. In the United States, commercial coffee chains usually serve this dri...

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