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The conflict: Security Council working for the fictional country of Zootonia

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The conflict: Security Council working for the fictional country of Zootonia


our team is a Security Council working for the fictional country of Zootonia. Zootonia is engaged in a conflict with the PLL. Zootonia has interfered in a civil conflict in Burberry. It is supporting the local government, which is an ally, and the PLL is trying to overthrow the government. The PLL is largely made up of Ls which are the people who live in rural Burberry. we have 2 army unit and and 5 important area`s, based on the info we must decide which 2 area are most important based on the intelligence reports coming from the field officer.***** you have 2 parts to deal with when you write this, first you are going to write about and explaining my decision which is based on the information provided and the team decision which is the same as mine. second you are going to write about the wrong decision we made and what kind of information we could have used to protect the attacked area ( you have 2 show evedance at all time from the intelligence report) THAT IS WHAT I WANT FROM YOU IN THIS PAPER.I selected the BORDER area, and the Embassy to send our 2 available the team also did so. again state why I made this decision by listing the supporting information from the reports. also you are go to state this which is very important. our team at first was not able to meet and make the decision which made it very frustrating we scheduled 2 meetings but no one showed up.


The Conflict Name Course Instructor Date Decision to protect embassy and border There have been sporadic border skirmishes since May 10, but the incidents increasingly appear to be well organized. There is a need to protect the border and avoid beaches, as this would affect the national security of Zootonia. Failure to secure the border would show vulnerability and Burberry would likely launch more frequent attacks. There is concern that the L’s are procuring AK 47’s and heavy artillery that are transported through the porous borders. This is a concern as it indicates the growing sophistication and organization ability of our adversaries. Even though, skirmishes along the border were rare in the past, they now have the potential to destabilize the surrounding areas and pose a security risk. Greater investment in border protection cannot be ignored if a country is to


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