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The Black Plague in Italy or France. How did it Happen?

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The Black Plague in Italy or France. How did it Happen?


You will use at least FOUR SOURCES for this paper, 2 primary sources and 2 secondary sources. Please use in text, parenthetical citations (MLA or Chicago Styles) when you are specifically addressing this source. Do not just summarize the text; find comparisons, connections, and changes in the societies you are examining. Be sure to include your own analysis, not just the source writer’s point of view.


Name Lecturer The black plague Date The Black Plague Black plague also known as the Black Death is a pandemic that took place in Europe from 1348 to 1350.The plague is believed to have wiped between thirty to forty percent of Europe’s population (Aberth, 68). The plague changed the history of Europe socially, economically, politically and religiously. This paper analyses how the plague as it happened in Italy and what people said about it. It will argue its effect on social, religious and economic setting of Italy. The paper will further analyze what people say about the plague and finalize with a personal opinion to


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