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The Alaska Railroad Engineers

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The Alaska Railroad Engineers: Season 1 Episode 6


Dear Writer 

I have mission to accomplish in this order

1-My order is to watch a series called railroad Alaska season 1 episode 6

please watch this episode and the instruction is to make a table that has four columns that has POET data; which stands for column 1 POPULATION column 2 ORGANIZATION column 3 ENVIRONMENT column 4 TECHNOLOGY . Kindly check the attachment that i attached below .I need this in 24 hours and this will need less than a page only fill the data on the columns 

after you are done with this in 24 hour i will post the instruction for the 6 pages of the final paper

PLEASE DO ONLY 1 page right now. You need to watch episode 6 to know what information you can put in the table. PLEASE DO ONLY 1 page in 24 hours. You will be provided with all the further instructions and extension later.

So i will begin with posting the next step of the paper with is the 6 pages.The topic its still about Episode 6 

Please check PPT instruction in the attachment + we will use the POET data ( the 1 page but first it should be edited "One area that needs to be improved is Population. The data that you have now would go into Organization. Population is demographical data such as gender, approximate ages, affluence, education, race, ethnicity. "

kindly its due in 3 days in November 19

looking forward to your reply


Sama Baroom Railroad Alaska – Railroad Alaska- Season 1 episode 6 Anthony Baker Date Population Father and son living in the area, while dealing with trains and bears during spring. The Alaska Railroad engineers, crew and staff ensure that there are no interruptions to the railway track. Jim and Nancy using the passenger trains while avoiding bears. Primarily middle aged men (45-64) Danny Forsman Lynn` Animal `Reitz Jonathan Durr, Roger Strickler, Bud Lovel Jim Jones Young men (18-44) Mikw Hoadley Nate Lovel Older men (65+) Steven Durr Middle aged woman (45-64) Nancy Organization The organizational structure of the society focuses on the communities, families and industries. The fathers are tasked with ensuring that there are no obstructions around the surrounding areas. The crew members and engineers work to avert any crisis for the involved trains. The economic organization is also dependent on the proper functioning of the train system. The crew members of the Alaska Railroad are the one who mainly work to fix the rail track system. Environment The environment includes the ecosystem, including the physical environment, living organisms Activities undertaken outside as spring approaches The terrain is largely uninhabited with the train beginning the journey from Southern Alaska and coastal areas. The train journey begins form Journey from Seward and the area is sparsely populated as the train moves northwards There is increasing flood water that may in...

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