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Teaching Observation: RH Blood Group System Lecture

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Teaching Observation: RH Blood Group System Lecture


Dear writer please use SEDA / UKPSF dimensions as you used in previous tasks. The topic is teaching observation in a class ( don`t worry about name of the teacher I will fill that). Topic title is observation of Rh blood group system lecture. I am attaching a document as example which helps you for write up and include SEDA / UKPSF dimension in between. Please save as example document to write about my topic (teaching observation of RhD blood group system lecture)


Teaching Observation Name Institution of Affiliation Date Teaching Observation Tutor’s Name Observer’s name Module Length of Observation Observer Description The lecture on “observation of Rh blood group system lecture” began on time at 2:00 PM. There were 40 students in total. Dr. XXX began by reviewing what the class had learnt in the previous session (U


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