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System Testing, Installation, and Maintenance Research

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System Testing, Installation, and Maintenance Research


Assignment Overview
Construction is the development of all parts of a system including software, documentation, and operating procedures.
Application programmers write programs, and the first step in programming is assigning program modules to programmers. Each programming module should be separate and distinct from other modules to ensure uniqueness. Testing a program begins with developing a test plan that defines a series of tests that will be conducted by the programmer and users. A test plan defines test cases, testing objectives, and expected results to be observed. In some cases, tests cannot be conducted by entering data, and instead, they are conducted by a combination of commands. The various test stages include unit and module testing, system testing, and integration testing. Unit testing can begin as soon as certain programs or modules are ready. Acceptance testing is done by the users with the idea to approve the system prior to deployment.
There are two types of documentation. System documentation is intended to help programmers and analyst to understand the program, module, or application even after installation. User documentation, on the other hand, consists of user manuals, training manuals, and online help systems. These are designed to help the user operate and troubleshoot the system. In addition reference manuals, tutorials, and procedure manuals are prepared to describe how to perform business tasks such as printing forms or taking a customer order.
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Describe the process of coding, testing, and converting a large organizational information system and outline the deliverables and outcomes of the process. Apply one of the four installation strategies: direct, parallel, single location, and phased installation. Write this assignment in 4-5 pages.


System Testing, Installation, and Maintenance Name Course Institution Date Background Coding, testing and converting the information system of an organization are all part of the system development and implementation. It is important to ensure that the information system specifications are reliable and suited to the organization. Additionally, the process is documented to understand what has already been done and what needs to be achieved. While designing the information system, the system developers keep records of the documentation process for future reference. The Single location/ pilot installation process is identified as the most effective to ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new system. The initial installation, testing and maintenance are undertaken in series, with the system software being acquired to be compatible with the required hardware (Mishra, 2011). Coding Coding is one of the initial stages before installation of the IS, where programmers use the physical design specifications with the aim of working with the computer codes (SlideServe, 2012). The source code availability is important when developing the system, and should be acquired directly from the vendor when being purchased. When this is not possible, it is necessary to make provisions with the vendor, and this includes relying on escrow agreements, which highlight that


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