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Sustainability of an Organization

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Sustainability of an Organization



Corporate sustainability is an issue that continues to garner increased attention and importance for shareholders, consumers, and companies alike. Since 2004, Corporate Knights, a Canadian media firm, has published a list of the top 100 sustainable companies in the world. The efforts and profits among those highest on the list demonstrate that companies are increasingly able to adopt strategies that are socially and environmentally responsible and financially lucrative. Consider Umicore, the top company on Corporate Knight’s 2013 Global 100 list.

Umicore is a Belgian-based materials technology firm recognized for its treatment of their employees, the products it produces, its profitability, and its efficiency. According to Doug Marrow, Corporate Knight’s vice president of research, “Relative to its global peers in the materials industry group, the company squeezes more revenue out of each resource input (including energy and water), while generating less externalities (greenhouse gas emissions and waste)” (Smith, 2011). However, Umicore’s efforts extend beyond its own sustainability strategies. According to Morrow, “They generate over half of their revenue by selling products that help other firms improve their sustainability performance, such as energy efficiency” (Smith, 2011). The company has, in effect, created a comprehensive business model based on sustainability. 

To prepare, consider the implications of expanding the definition of sustainability to include economic and social elements. 

Write a 2-page paper. Apply systems and sustainability principles to develop a sustainability strategy. Identify three actions that an organization can take to implement a more sustainable business strategy. Explain the potential systemic benefits of each action included in the sustainability strategy. Explain the relationships between sustainability and other organizational goals, such as managing quality, building learning organizations, and improving adaptability. Explain the benefits of the organization exploiting those relationships. Explain the ethical implications of implementing a strategy for improving sustainability for that organization.

Extend the conversation by identifying implications for practice or research, as well as for your own research agenda, where appropriate. 


Sustainability Student: Professor: Course title: Date: In the recent times there has been an inclination in business organizations to encourage and foster sustainability in their undertakings. Some business organizations have been creative to the extent that, they do not only engage in the sustainability measures as a side activity, rather they make profits by selling sustainability equipment. This can be likened to the proverbial killing of two birds by use of a single stone. What this means is that, such engagements


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