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Sustainability and Environmentalism:

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Module 4 DQ 1: Sustainability and Environmentalism: Their Importance to Customers and Society. An Emerging Strategic Priority


Module 4 DQ 1
Based on Module 4`s reading and two additional articles you research (on values such as trust, spirituality, social consciousness, sustainability, environmental protectionism, social responsibility, etc.), hypothesize the importance of two of these values as far as adding value to customers and society
Electronic Resource1. The Value of Corporate Values
Read "The Value of Corporate Values" by Van Lee, Fabish, and McGaw, from Strategy+Business (2005).
Additional Material1. The Voice of the Stakeholder: Is Sustainability Sustainable? Twelve Works Argue There is Value in ‘Corporate Values`
Read "The Voice of the Stakeholder: Is Sustainability Sustainable? Twelve Works Argue There is Value in ‘Corporate Values`" by Samuelson and Birchard, from Strategy+Business (2003).
Values for Today`s Leaders: Trust, Spirituality, Social Consciousness, Environmental Protectionism, and Social Responsibility
Values at a New Level: An Emerging Strategic Priority


Sustainability and Environmentalism: Their Importance to Customers and Society

Consumer mindset is changing, and businesses are paying attention. In a recent survey conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton/Aspen Institute (Lee, Fabish, & McGaw, 2005) shows that more and more companies are taking concrete steps to live up to their corporate values because consumers are now holding them accountable for it. As more and more businesses realign business operations with their core values, there is also a growing call for a transitioning towards sustainable and ecologically sound practices. 

To cite an example, just last September, Shell, one of the first multinational companies to push for lowering carbon emissions, showed the importance of saving the planet first before counting its own profits. In an unprecedented move, the company decided to pull out from the Arctic oil drillings, despite the fact they have already spent over $7 billion and would stand to lose $4.1 billion in future earnings (Macalister, 2015) because of their decision. But for CEO Ben van Buerden, the pull out was a necessary move because it was “undermining his attempts to influence debate around how to tackle climate change” (Macalister, 2015).


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