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Susan Bordo Beauty (Re) Discovers the Male Body Research

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Susan Bordo Beauty (Re) Discovers the Male Body Research


Susan Bordo quotes our old friend John Berger in her essay saying that in "both classical painting and commercial advertisements, `men act and woman appear` " (210). Bordo is arguing, of course, that while this remains true, contemporary advertising is pushing male models toward poses in advertisements that are traditionally female. Write an essay where you discuss the accuracy of Bordo`s argument, and then discuss what these circumstances say about the perceptions and cultural ramifications of representations of men and women in the media. In other words, who are we becoming, what are we paying attention to, and hat does this say about us? Again, refer directly to the text where appropriate. Please try to adhere to the 600 word minimum


Susan Bordo Beauty (Re) Discovers the Male Body Name Course Instructor Date Bordo (1999) correctly observes that the male body is now for consumption in the media especially advertising unlike before where only female models were represented. This change has mostly been associated with the fashion industry that has shaped perceptions about accepting the male model body in the mainstream society. Consequently, advertisements depict men in poses that were considered female in the past. The fashion, film and television industry have challenged taboos and broken boundaries on what is acceptable with regards to the semi-naked males in the advertisem


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