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Sure Thing Play- David Ives

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Sure Thing Play- David Ives


ESSAY 2 :: DRAMA This essay is a work of 800-1000 words -- the word count is slightly higher than your last piece because, unlike that work, this time you are to research 3-5 OUTSIDE SOURCES and weave them into your essay (and cite them at the back in a Works Cited page). This is all to be done in MLA style -- consult your book or Google "OWL MLA Sample Paper" to see the proper format. Your task The Bard once said, "All the world`s a stage, and we are merely players." The band RUSH quoted this in a song, I believe. Jumping off from that, you want to find themes or threads in one of the three plays, and come up with an essay about how that play speaks to currents in modern life. You want to quote from your original work MULTIPLE TIMES, as well as bringing in outside sources-- which can include books, articles, movies, podcasts, and other things-- to your work. Examples The recent 5-part documentary on OJ Simpson just aired on ESPN. A big issue at stake was the credibility of the evidence collection (and collectors). That could be a theme focused on in Trifles, a play which also tilts heavily on gender roles. Radio Golf seems so fresh today because of the current in politics that seem so familiar, as well as the cross-currents of neighborhood development/ gentrification/ resentrification going on (especially in New Orleans-- excuse me, Nola!).. Sure Thing comments on the mutability of communication and seemed to presciently forecast some trends in dating that didn`t even exist when the play was written. In Sum Relate the themes of one of our plays to current events-- make it smart, pick a theme you care about, and have fun with it! Focusing on the various ELEMENTS of drama (listed in textbook) can give you signposts to organize your work.


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Sure Thing Play- David Ives The task of any theatrical work is not only to entertain but to inspire change in the hearts and minds of its audience. Sublime themes in productions enable playwrights to transmit certain messages of significance to them and the society in a manner that cannot be achieved in any other way. This recognition of the power that productions have on the society is critical in ensuring not only the continued forward trajectory of art. Rather by embracing didacticism in their outlook towards contemporary issues in society, art becomes an agent for change. It allows society to question each and every tenet that it holds dearCITATION Sus13 p ": http://sgo.sagepub.com" l 1033 (Eisenchlas : http://sgo.sagepub.com). The result is a society that is in a continued state of progress, dedicated to bettering itself. The paper therefore looks at a particular theme that is contained within...

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