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Supporting War Efforts: WW1 and WW2

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Supporting War Efforts: WW1 and WW2


this essay MUST be answered using the two sources provided, and in addition any 3 other academic sources could be used. 12 point font double-space. the two sources provided ( these are the two pdfs that i uploaded ) plus other three sources in total 5 sources needed. section 1 and 2 are both to be answered in within the 5 pages with references. section 1 should not be more than 4 pages. and section 2 maximum 1 page. this is the question : "Section 1: World Wars 1 and 2 were very different, but both inspired people to join the military, or to assist the war effort, in huge numbers. Why? What motivated men to fight in the war, and women to serve in the military or to work in industry to support the war effort? This section should be three to four pages. Please note – there may not be one answer for both wars, nor for all Canadians. In fact, you might argue that people were motivated by different ideas in each war, or depending on their background. Don’t feel the need to try to find one overall answer – you can write a great paper here comparing the two wars, or even comparing the motivations of different groups of people in each war. Section 2: Would you have fought in World War 1 or 2 if you had been in Canada at the time? Would you fight in a war now? Why or why not?" the two pdfs MUST be used as references in writing this essay.


July 4, 2016 Supporting War Efforts Introduction There are quite a number of negative impacts that are associated with war, such as death, sicknesses, famine, life threatening injuries, economic collapse and destruction. These are all impacts that have been experienced in various wars large or small. The first and second world are some of the largest wars in the world as their names suggest and ones that have massive impacts. One of the most intriguing aspect of the war despite the fact that it brings pain and destruction, is that it also brings about cohesion and nationalism among the people (Pierson). People tend to rally behind the war efforts in their country in a bid to make sure that their heritage and culture are not overrun by the enemy forces. It is for this reason that people tend to volunteer in numbers when a chance to defend their country comes calling. For the Canadians supporting their allies was a crucial commitment. Giving the British the support they needed was a cause enough for thousands of Canadians to join the army and head for England. The first and second world wars were no different, as when the people were asked to volunteer and take part in the war among other military activities, they came out in numbers, men and women(W. St.G.WALKER). Other than the overarching reasons associated with nationalism, there are quite a number of reasons that people joined the war efforts in the first and the second world wars. Some are quite unique to either of...

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