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Summary of Growing Dilemma

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Summary of Growing Dilemma


The article review paper will account for 12.5% of your final grade and is an analysis of the growing issue of the aging prisoner population as discussed in Fault Lines : Dying Inside: Elderly in prison. This assignment is designed to demonstrate your comprehension of the material and your ability to analyze one of today`s greatest correctional issues. 

Research Paper Assignment: 

Write a 750 Word APA Style paper (not counting the cover and reference page) discussing the assigned documentary and the issue of the aging prisoner population.

Summarize the growing dilemma of the aging prisoner population

Identify the underlining issues related to the aging prisoner population as they relate to correctional management

Develop a solution to address the care of this special population and the problems this population creates in the correctional system.

Support your solution by addressing the following:

The positive impacts your solution would bring to the correctional system

The steps required to implement your plan

Identify likely arguments from skeptics who may oppose your plan and develop a response to address those arguments.

Make sure that your work is formatted in proper APA Style. You will find additional assistance with APA Style in your lessons. Use the course writing rubric to guide you as you go because this is how your paper will be graded.

Do not use quotes. This is an analytical paper and you need to give your informed opinion based on your research. Make sure to use in-text citations. Example: (Jones, 2013, p.34). Stay away from the passive voice and first person when writing.

Your paper must be uploaded to the assignment in a Word document only. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvqj8hgxRfg (1 KB)

that is the video that the reference must be


Analysis of the growing issue of the aging prisoner population as discussed in Fault Lines: Dying Inside: Elderly in Prison. Name: Institution: Summary of growing dilemma In the U.S., an emerging issue rests on the case of the ageing population in various prisons around the country. Today, a considerable part of the population in prison consists of the elderly, those above 35 years of age (youtube.com, nd). The country’s justice system faces a key challenge of looking after this category of prisoners given longer sentences handed out many years ago. In certain cases, the elderly community in prison has been housed in special prisons where only this category of individuals is placed. In view of financial constraints, care for the elderly prisoners translates to an overwhelming expenditure on the part of the government. Evidently, statistics point to close estimates of $70, 000 per year, which is two to three times higher than the same for the younger prisoner


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