Aug 09, 2017

Summarising and Paraphrasing

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Summarising and Paraphrasing

we have english task about paraphrasing , 4 paragraphs each paragraph we should summaraing it for 50-100 words .. i have to sumbit it after 1 hour and 15 min from now 3:45 PM Uk time
Name:Week 3: Summarising and ParaphrasingComplete each of the tasks. You may use a dictionary 1 Paraphrasing TaskRead the following definition of multiculturalism from the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners, 2001Multiculturalism is a situation in which all the different cultural or racial groups in a society have equal rights and opportunities, and none is ignored and regarded as unimportant.Make notes to prepare to paraphrase this definition.Notes * Multiculturalism refers to a situation, * It happens in societies with people of different groups * The people must be given equal rights and privileges or opportunity * The people are to be regarded as importantParaphraseMulticulturalism refers to a case in a society, where all the members of the society belonging to different racial groups and cultures, are accorded with equal rights, are all valued, and appreciated (Malik, 2010). 2 Summarising taskRead the extract, which is taken from the online article:Malik, K. (2010). ‘Against multiculturalism.`New Humanist [online] Available at: (accessed 31 July 2012).Multiculturalism undermines diversityAs a political policy, multiculturalism`s desire to put people in boxes has left many minorities feeling misrepresented. Has multiculturalism been good or bad for Britain ? It`s a question to which the answers have become increasingly polarised in recent years. For some, multiculturalism expresses the essence of a modern, liberal society. For others, it has helped to create an anxious fragmented nation.[Expressing opposite opinions] [divided] Part of the difficulty with this debate is that both sides confuse the lived experience of diversity, on the one hand, with multiculturalism as a political process, on the other. The experience of living in a socie...

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