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The Literature Review Section of the Final Research Proposal (Stress in the United States and in the workplace, how to cope with stress in the workplace between employees and employers) 1) Write a research proposal essay (1,250 words) using the following as a guide: a) Summarize existing literature in relation to the proposed research question b) Include different perspectives on the chosen topic c) Explain how the proposed research can add to the existing literature 2) Include eight references from scholarly sources. 3) Prepare this assignment according to the APA Style Guide
STRESS IN THE UNITED STATES AND IN THE WORKPLACEGloria Moore Grand Canyon UniversityPSY-660 Health Psychology Dr. Barbara ChappellJune 15, 2012. Stress management in the United States workplaces between employees and employers briefed Existing literature on workplace stress. Stress in the workplaces is harmful considering emotional responses, physical responses and psychological responses entailing working environment. In the United States of America, although majority of adults are satisfied with their jobs, only a few report being satisfied with the opportunities for advancements, flexibility and employee recognition (Inretactive, 2011). More than one third of workers report being typically stressed out during their workday. Almost half say that low salary is significantly impacting their stress levels at work. A good number say that the amount of stress they experience on a single day is an 8, 9 or 10 on a scale of 10 (Inretactive, 2011). There are several other factors that contribute to workplace stress of the employees identifying with inadequate means of meeting the workers` needs, scarce resources and mismatch considering the capabilities and the demands brought forth by the job. There are other diverse factors influencing workplace stress, identifying with working long hours, isolation, autonomy lack, and negative attitude on the workload, dangerous working environment, poor relationships between management teams and the coworkers, harassment in the workplaces, bullying by supervisors and managers and poor motivated employees. Employers to some level also experience stress related to some of the above factors and also from pressure to succeed. We are going to look at some of these factors in details. Causes of Stress in United States workplaces, according to the government report in nineteen ninety nine, the research indicated that working hours had increased over the years. The increment is estimated at eight percent reflecting on one generation. This increment was averaged to forty seven hours in one week. The report continued to assert that twenty percent of the hours spent at work reflected forty nine hours of working in one week. Workers in the United States according to researchers dedicate their efforts to the jobs more than any other industrial nation. This is no doubt, in that it affects the workers negatively. If not physical stress then definitely emotional stress as they have no time to themselves to work on their own issues. A survey conducted in the United states considering input from eight hundred thousand workers, collected from more than three hundred companies asserted that employees absenteeism in the name of being sick tripled within a range of four years in year nineteen ninety six to year two thousand (Inretactive, 2011). The report has evidenced that that stress doesn`t only affect the individuals, but the company itself as a whole. Fear is also another very major cause of stress (Wood, 2003).The fear is brought ...

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