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Strategic Plan for Operational Management safety & Control

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Strategic Plan for Operational Management safety & Control

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Project is Amazon.com, Operational Management safety & Control

Discuss your project strategic plan to further refine it by comparing and contrasting various implementation strategies for operations management.

The rationale must be based on a review of the available literature on implementation strategies for the selected operations management situation/company.

Describe the alignment of the selected implementation strategies to meet the needs of the operations management.

Evaluate the cost implications of the strategy implementation plan.

Review and provide meaningful comments to your peer postings and provide helpful resources as applicable.

Here`s the objective:

Develop and apply new strategies and techniques for managing the supply chain as the global economy evolves.

Develop and implement an approach to convert project requirements into a project plan that meets cost, schedule and performance requirements.

To explore the interdependencies between product and process design, production and service strategies, inventory planning, and quality.

Demonstrate collaborative, analytical and communication skills.

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