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Speech language pathology

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Speech language pathology

survey questionnaire and interview analysis. Files and further instructions will be sent as well to writer. Please have writer message me immediately for instructions. I need this by Sunday. Hi, I`m providing instructions and attaching files. I need five pages of written analysis of attached material (the surveys and interviews). In addition to the actual word count, I need graphics (charts) made from the information in the surveys. Pie charts, line charts, cross tab charts (the kind that shows percentages), that kind of thing. Explanations of each chart (probably by question) please. Titles and figures to the charts please. This is an initial study of the effect of policy mandates on undergraduate (and maybe graduate) level impacts on students wishing to enter the speech language pathology field. I will attach writing leading up to this analysis. I do not need high level stats. I do need you to put the data in written and graphic form, with percentages and counts. The analysis should be a mixed methods approach, so part of it will be descriptive (just looking at the data and making smart points to go along with it, with discussion) and part will be reporting on the frequencies (percentages, categories, etc) and what they mean. I can fill in the holes but I need you to do the core of the analysis. Attachments are: 1. sections 1 through 3 of the study. This will give you the background info you need to make sense of the analysis. 2. Interview Results - August 2012. This is the part you need to extract the qualitative (and if applicable) quantitative info from. There is only one personal interview, so this part refers mostly to the qualitative (descriptive) portion. Do not copy/paste answers, as this interview will go into the appendix anyway and should not be a part of the word count of this order. 3. The other part of the analysis is drawn from a report that is already published: It is a survey you can find on this page link. Go here:, to retrieve the actual survey results. It is a pdf file. Take the pdf file of the survey results, and "re-write" it with new charts, etc, pertinent to the sections 1 through 3 that I am sending with this email. Look at the research questions, and I know some of the section three methodology may not match up completely with what you are doing, but I will re-write that. If you have any questions, stay in close email contact. I will ask for updates (not drafts) daily. Please do not wait until Sunday to try and do this. I realize you are probably very experienced with doing this specific type of work, and know that for your own sanity spreading this analysis out over a few days is ideal. A little bit each day:) Okay, so that document that is interview results, contains a summary of 8 interviews. Please analyze accordingly, thanks.
Data analysisNameInstitutional affiliation Data analysisThis analysis aims at deducing the variations in factors that influence both the independent and dependent variables. The dependent variables incorporated include the existence of mentoring and practicum`s, the characteristics of the survey respondents, as well as, attitudes of the respondents towards future implications. On the other hand, the dependent variables include the attitudes of SLP professionals toward clinical practicum`s, attitudes of the respondents towards the future of the profession and the attitudes of the respondents towards the limited availability of the practicum`s at the college level and its contribution to the ASHA certification. The first data set was collected from the eight interviews conducted. This analysis also reviews the results obtained from a survey conducted through the ASHA email database. Out of the 1,233 people in the mail list total of 303 respondent`s respondent to the survey request. A total of 209 respondents completed the entire survey whereas the rest 94 respondents did not complete the entire survey. The broad categories involved in the survey will be instrumental in answering the research questions. Interview results analysisStatisticsWhat is your age?NValid8Missing0Mean3.1250Median3.5000Mode4.00What is your age?FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValid25 years112.512.512.527 years225.025.037.530 years112.512.550.031 years337.537.587.533 years112.512.5100.0Total8100.0100.0StatisticsApproximate annual incomeNValid8Missing0Mean3.7500Median4.0000Mode4.00aa. Multiple modes exist. The smallest value is shownApproximate annual incomeFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValid40,000112.512.512.552,000112.512.525.056,000112.512.537.565,000225.025.062.570,000225.025.087.5110,000112.512.5100.0Total8100.0100.0StatisticsFamily statusNValid8Missing0Mean1.8750Median2.0000Mode1.00aa. Multiple modes exist. The smallest value is shownFamily statusFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidMarried337.537.537.5Single337.537.575.0single with one child225.025.0100.0Total8100.0100.0CorrelationsCorrelationsWhat is your age?Approximate annual incomeWhat is your age?Pearson Correlation1.016Sig. (2-tailed).970N88Approximate annual incomePearson Correlation.0161Sig. (2-tailed).970N88From the correlation analysis above there is a positive relationship between the age of the respondents and their salary.How many years have you been a licensed SLP?FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValid1 year112.512.512.51 1/2 years112.512.525.02112.512.537.54 years225.025.062.56 years112.512.575.06.00225.025.0100.0Total8100.0100.0 The pie-chart ...

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