Specifics of a balanced scorecard

Specifics of a balanced scorecard

I need to understand the specifics of a balanced scorecard. Please Create a balanced scorecard for a specific US organization of your choice and then write a paper of 10-to-12 pages in length discussing the balanced scorecard. Giving your reasoning for the selections and decisions you made.

In writing the paper, identify the strategic objectives of the entire organization. Then develop three specific objectives within each of the four perspectives for the organization. Each objective should have at least one quantified target metric associated with it. For each metric discuss the appropriate target value and the actions that need to be taken to achieve the target.

I understand that the balanced scorecard works best with for-profit organizations.

Please feel free to use any US company with which you are familiar. I want to see how you apply the Balanced Scorecard and to understand how well one can use the balanced scorecard.

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