Jul 21, 2017

Software and hardware

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Discussion Responses: Software and hardware


Please read and respond to each discussion (1 and 2) . Tell what you agree/disagree, like/dislike, if you have any questions ask them. Please keep them separate. Response 1: Hardware are the things you can touch on a computer, such as they CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer. A computer program is the series of instructions that tells the computer how to carry out processing tasks. These programs form the software that sets up a computer to carry out a specific task. There are 2 types of software, application software which is are the programs that carry help us carry out tasks. Word processing software and personal finance software are 2 examples of application sofware. There is also system software. The primary purpose of which is to help the computer system monitor itself in order to function efficiently. The computer`s operating system is an example of system software. Response 2: Hardware, unlike software, is a device that can physically be touched. The computer monitor, mouse, and even the keyboard that I am using right now are a few examples of types of hardware. There are two types of software, system software and application software. Application software are programs that help people complete tasks like creating documents, editing images or even making movies. System software, like Microsoft Windows, is what helps enable the hardware and software to operate/communicate with each other.

Discussion Responses Student’s NameInstitutional Affliation Response to Post OneI like the definitions of the terms computer software and hardware. The two terms are defined with a lot of details and separately in addition to adequate examples. This feature gives the reader the impression the writer has a good knowledge of the two computer features. For example, the definition of computer software is not simplistic; it captures the features of computer software instead of focusing on distinguishing software from hardware. I like this approach to a definition. It creates the impression that the writer has a good ma...

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