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Socio-Technical Issues and IT Project Success or Failure

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Socio-Technical Issues and IT Project Success or Failure


Assume that your target audience is the management of another company hoping to avoid the difficulties described in the following article. Your presentation will be titled, "Socio-Technical Issues and IT Project Success or Failure." For this assignment, review the experience of one organization`s IT transition difficulties, described in the following article:

Charette, R. (2010, June 30). “Outstanding success” or nightmare payroll system: Lawsuit will decide. IEEE Spectrum. Retrieved from http://spectrum.ieee.org/riskfactor/computing/it/outstanding-success-or-nightmare-payroll-system-lawsuit-may-decide..............________Your assignment is to prepare a brief problem-focused assessment of this situation applying your socio-technical knowledge to determine how the situation could have been better resolved. 

Now Answer and discuss in depth the following questions: 

1.)Define the project background and relevance.

2.)Describe the project’s technical concerns and ramifications.

3.)Describe the concern for—or ignorance of—socio-technical and other organizational dimensions of the project.

4.)State the outcomes.

5.)Identify what could have been done differently to achieve project success.

****Points to consider, Please no Plagiarism!!! Please write 2 TWO FULL pages, not one full page and one half a page, TWO FULL. I will be creating a power point presentation from this paper as well so really need great solid information. Each sentence NEEDs to hold strong valuable information and points answering and discussing the above questions. You need to integrate, discuss, cite in-text and later fully reference at least three academically relevant sources. Use enough concurrent discussion so that the purpose of each citation is apparent. Note that the assignment is incomplete without at least three in-text citations as well as academically relevant references at the end. (Articles such as those in CIO or HBR are acceptable. You may also use military/corporate references but they do not count as one of the required three sources.) You will be assessed on the appropriateness and completeness of the detail you provide, your use of citations and references, and your intellectual insight into topically important issues. In short, help the audience understand what you, as a third party, have to say about the impact of social issues on a highly technical IT project. Remember, you are looking for the what, why, and how. This assignment is essentially a postmortem of the social/STS issues involved with a completed or abandoned IT project.

***You can use THESE 4 REFERENCES AND READINGS as well!!****(Open links.) Also use ONE additional outside/ personal reference. 1.) Painter, B. (n.d.). Socio-Technical Design of Knowledge Work: A Case Study. Retrieved from http://www.moderntimesworkplace.com/STS_KnowledgeWork.pdf 2.) ComputingCases.org. (2011). Why a Socio-Technical system? Retrieved from http://computingcases.org/general_tools/sia/socio_tech_system.html 3.) Scacchi, W. (n.d.). Institute for Software Research, University of California Irvine. Retrieved from http://www.ics.uci.edu/~wscacchi/Papers/SE-Encyc/Socio-Technical-Design.pdf 4.) Association of Information Systems. (n.d.) Socio-technical theory. Retrieved from http://istheory.byu.edu/wiki/Socio-technical_theory Please write an A+ paper, Thank you!!! .


Name: Subject: Date of Submission: The Queensland Health service of Australia contracted IBM (on 1 January 2008) to develop and replace an old payroll system called the Continuity Project. The estimated cost of the entire project was $ 6.19 million and was to be launched on 1st of July 2008 (Charette, 2010). It is also crucial to highlight that IBM was contracted to CorpTech, which is an information technology company that provides IT services to government agencies. The system went live on March but the cost had increased to an estimated $101.96 million exclusive of other costs (Charette, 2010). However, the system was defective. It is notable that professionals in the business and IT industry should understand this project because it enlightens them on possible mistakes and complementary solutions that could


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