Jul 18, 2017

Social Problems 2

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Sociology: Social Problems 2


Prompt from my Sociology Instructor for the class on Social Problems:

Throughout this Sociology course on Social Problems, we have discussed the importance of bringing about positive change within the United States education system. We have explored the importance of parental involvement, the concept that separate is not equal and demanding our students learn and progress through their academic careers at the highest possible level. We understand the reformation of our educational system is not an easy task but as times passes, this social problem will continue to grow and eventually, go far beyond saving.

For your final project, I would like you to develop a two to three page plan for how we can positively bring about change and redefine the future of education within our country. Reflect on classroom discussions, your personal experiences as an elementary, middle and high school student and most importantly, focus on what you feel was lacking throughout your academic careers. What can we do differently? Remember, change is not something that can be done overnight but rather, little changes will eventually add up and change the look of our system. All of you are future leaders within our community, let’s leave a lasting impact and enhance our legacy. This assignment is due on February 4th, 2015

Notes from me the Student to you the writer:

I know the prompt asks me to reflect on "my personal experiences" but honestly I`m a bit confused as to how I am supposed to answer the prompt. Therefore, to the writer of this essay feel free to include "your personal experiences" so I can have a better understanding of how to complete the essay once this order is complete. 

If this helps, here is where you can find the Social Problems powerpoints at my instructor`s website at: http://albertopimenteljr.weebly.com/social-problems.html 

Here is the ISBN number for the Sociology: Social Problems textbook: ISBN: 978-0-205-12562-3.


Student: Professor: Course title: Date Social Problems Introduction Education is the backbone for any society that is looking to grow and develop. The system of education in America has been seen to be one of the best. Gauging by the fact that students leave school with an all round perspective, the system is said to have pretty much achieved its goals. However, the dynamism in society has seen the standards change and hence the need for the system to comply. A most efficient education system is one that keeps in tandem with the various changes. The American system, despite being efficient requires serious revamping to ensure that it delivers the intended goals. The focus of the paper is on some of the areas that require changes within the education system as way of improv


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