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SOC 213 Assignment: Families, Women and Gender Inequality

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SOC 213 Assignment: Families, Women and Gender Inequality


Please answer the following questions in essay format using APA format. Submit your responses as one document clearly marking each question. You may make use of ONLY course materials to support your answers; this includes your readings, videos, lectures, forums, emails and Internet links provided in the course. Each question is worth 10 marks and each response should be no more than 4 pages in length (1000 words). Please submit as either a Microsoft Word Document or as a Rich Text file do not submit as a PDF. 1) To what extent should the federal government develop policies and programs to redress many of the problems created by earlier policies? Provide examples. 2) Critically analyze the notion that women are naturally inclined to cook, clean and raise children with respect to how this ideology is used to justify gender inequality. *****Sources: http://wherearethechildren.ca/en http://www.nfb.ca/film/in_the_shadow_of_gold_mountain/ http://www.nfb.ca/film/sharia_in_canada_part_2/ http://www.nfb.ca/film/sharia_in_canada_part_1/

Soc 213: Summer 2013

Major Paper 30%  


Your paper was evaluated based on three dimensions.  Each dimension of the different parts will be marked as such: Aspects, done well (Y), requiring some improvement (OK), requiring much improvement (X), done poorly (XX).


  1. A.      Introduction                       ____/ 25


Provided a good introductory discussion as to the relevance of this topic ____

Provided a clear understanding of what the issues are regarding the topic ___

Provided a clear outline for the direction that the paper is going to take ____

Provided a clear summary statement of what the paper set out to accomplish ____























  1. B.      Crafting and Making the Argument                           ____/ 50


Arguments need to be succinct and well thought out ___

Acknowledged the counter arguments ____

Provide documented evidence to support arguments ____

Set out argument in a logical and coherent manner _____

Demonstration of the originality of the argument ____

Concluded with a clear and concise position_ ___























  1. Professionalism                                ___/ 25                                                                               

APA Formatting:

Title Page __ Abstract   In-text Citations ___Reference Page __  Met Minimum Number of Sources __ Overall Use of APA___



Spelling ____ Sentence Structure _____ Organization of the Paper _____

Overall Clarity of the Writing _____


Paper Grade:

Section A:      ___ / 25

Section B:       ____ / 50

Section C:       _____ / 25

Total:              ___ / 100=__/30




SOC 213 - Families Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Women and Gender Inequality Abstract Nowadays, it is popular and common to find women with their careers (Olivia, 2014) and in some instances their husbands remaining back at home. A few years back, this would have been deemed unfashionable and unusual. Therefore, it is seen that there has been an evolution of gender roles, and more precisely the roles of women which have metamorphosed gradually. The fundamental ideology of women as beings only specialized in the kitchen has changed and now they are equally seen in workplaces of the same caliber as men. However, the debate on whether women ought to own careers or not is intensifying. The women in jobs have been portrayed as selfish and have been viewed as unable to balance between personal life and work. Even though the society is transitioning to an egalitarian one, gender inequality is still preva


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