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Sleep Patterns: Children and Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder

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Sleep Patterns: Children and Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder


Topic sentence:
Kids and teenagers asleep at school because the electronic media they in their bedrooms leads them to have delayed sleep phase disorder. Evaluate the truth of this statement based on the published literature in the area. 
This is for a first year psychology 1a.
there are three parts: 
1, children and adolescence are sleepy at school;
2, this sleepiness is due to DSPD
3, Having electronic media in bedrooms leads to DSPD APA style Referencing: thought the whole essay, it needs app style referencinging, and aslo a Reference list at the end.
WE will be marked based on this:
1, a clear argument as to how electronic media use among school-aged children and adolescence may lead to delayed sleep phase disorder, which causes sleepiness at school.
2, clear structural and logical flows of ideas throughout the essay.
3, use of appropriate academic essay style
4, use of atleast five references to support your argument.
5, a reference APA format on a separate paper, in the end of the essay
It is 1500 words which is about 5 pages. 
I have provided 4 articles that are going to be a good sources of information for the essay but it would be great if additional articles are added to those... I have to have atleast 5 different articles
This essay has to be completed and sent to me by Tuesday late night or Wednesday Morning because i have to hand it in class, also use turn it.
Please It has to be plagiarism free because i also have to hand it and my professor use`s turn it to see if it is my legitimate work. 


Sleep Patterns Name: Institution: Course: Date: Sleep Patterns For every other human being, there is a rhythm that ours between being alert and being asleep. It is also common among most of the people to be awake and alert during the day and sleepy, lacking concentration during the night. The hypothalamus is responsible for the sleep and wake patterns that a person experiences (Barion & Zee, 2007). To be more specific, this is referred to as the circadian rhythms which is generated by the central pacemaker, ideally the suprachiasmatic nucleus which is located in the anterior part of the hypothalamus. This is a system that is also connected to the external environment, which explains why people tend to be alert during the day and sleepy during the night. The circadian clock gene is self-regulating and uses a timing system that regulates within 24 hours span (Barion & Zee, 2007). Due to the fact that this is a system that is also highly reliant on the external environment that the individual interacts with, the element of the patterns of sleep and wakefulness play a major role in the feedback mechanisms automating the sleep and wakefulness cycles and pattern. According to multiple latency sleep tests that have been conducted in the past, there is a rhythm that is seen among most people, where the level of alertness decreases between 2-4 in the evening and then picks up during the midevening hours of the day and falls again between 4-6 in the morning (Barion &...

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