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Skills which I am the best

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Accounting writing assignment: Skills which I am the best


Broad business perspective competencies relate to the context in which accounting professionals perform their services. Individuals preparing to enter the accounting profession should consider both the internal and external business environments and how their interactions determine success or failure. They must be conversant with the overall realities of the business environment.


Strategic/Critical Thinking


Critical thinking encompasses the ability to link data, knowledge, and insight together from various disciplines to provide information for decision-making. Being in tune with the "big picture" perspective is a necessary component for success. Individuals entering the accounting profession should be able to communicate to others the vision, strategy, goals, and culture of organizations.


Industry/Sector Perspective


Individuals entering the accounting profession should be able to identify (through research and analysis) the economics accounting and broad business financial risks and opportunities of the industry and economic sector in which a given organization operates. Identification of these risks and opportunities should include both issues specific to the enterprise, as well as those pervasive throughout the industry/sector.


International/Global Perspective


Individuals entering the accounting profession should be able to identify and communicate the variety of threats and opportunities of doing business in a borderless world. The accounting professional of the future must provide services to support and facilitate commerce in the global marketplace.


Resource Management


The ability to appreciate the importance of all resources (human, financial, physical, environmental, etc.) is critical for success. Individuals entering the accounting profession should be able to apply management and human resources development theories to human resource issues and organizational problems. Individuals preparing to enter the accounting profession should be able to identify sources of capital, and analyze the impact of participation in the global capital markets.


Legal/Regulatory Perspective


Regulatory forces are being shaped by collaboration, migration, and reform as the various stakeholders globalize, share information, and force their particular needs and viewpoints onto political agendas. Individuals preparing to enter the accounting profession need to be capable of describing the legal and regulatory environment and analyzing the impact of changes in relevant requirements, constraints, and competitive practices.


Marketing/Client Focus


Individuals who are marketing- and client- focused are better able to anticipate and meet the changing needs of clients, employers, customers, and markets. This involves both the ability to recognize market needs and the ability to develop new markets.


Leverage Technology to Develop and Enhance a Broad Business Perspective


Technology alters how organizations operate. To provide the greatest value, today`s accounting professional must understand and appreciate the effects of technology on the broader business environment. 

Accounting Writing AssignmentStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Skills which I am the bestThese include the following: (i) strategic/critical thinking – this skill entails being able to link data, insight and knowledge together from different disciplines in providing information for decision-making (Hocking, 2009). I have the capability of effectively communicating to other people the goals, strategy, vision, as well as culture of the organization. (ii) Resource management – the capability of appreciating the significance of every resource including environmental, physical, fiscal and human resources is of major importance (American Institute of CPAs, 2014). I have the capacity to properly apply management and human resources development theories to issues of human resource and organizational problems. (iii) Marketing/client focus – with this skill, I am better able to expect and meet the altering needs of markets, employers and customers/clients. This entails the capability to identify the needs of the market and being able to develop new markets (American Institute of CPAs, 2014). (iv) Professional demeanor – I am able to behave in a fashion that is in accordance with the standards as well as character of the accounting discipline and the norms of the environment wherein they interact. In my work, I usually display integrity, objectivity, and ethical behavior. (v) Problem solving and decisio...

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