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Should Parties Nominate Through a National Primary?

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Should Parties Nominate Through a National Primary?


paper should include your position (pick a position)q, arguments for your position, and possible counter arguments. You should use the provided material as a starting point, but must also bring in outside evidence and current events to illustrate your points must use Pika, Joseph A. and John Anthony Maltese. 2014. The Politics of the Presidency, Revised 8th ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press.  Ellis, Richard J. and Michael Nelson. 2015. Debating the Presidency: Conflicting Perspectives on the American Executive, 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press.

SHOULD PARTIES NOMINATE THROUGH A NATIONAL PRIMARY?Insert NameInstitution AffiliationDue DateIn countries with many states like United State of America, a national primary is an option compared to countries without any states. After every four years, the United States seeks the opinion of the voters regarding whom they want to lead them as President. In the race for Presidency, major political parties in the United States select their presidential candidates through the process of primary elections. However, voters do not directly select presidential nominee in these primaries. Instead, they select delegates from their particular states who will attend a national party convection to nominate a presidential candidate for their party. This brings to question, whether national primary would be a plausible idea, where by the whole nation would vote to select a party nominee on a single day.The U.S presidency, the twentieth-century, became the only most influential political institution in the United States since it was the only elected office to represent a national constituency. Surprisingly, framers of the constitution did not include presidential nomination for they did not see the rise of political parties. Institutionally, nominating U.S. presidential was never rationally designed but has gone through many reforms till today we talk of national primaries. A national primary would be a sinking ship for the American dream which has been encouraging anybody regardless of the background would grow up to become the President. This is because only the most popular and wealthy people would make it become President. This, therefore, reduces the chances of a candidate who is less popular and less funded. In his work Ellis observed that primary calendar spanning months can easily accommodate less funded candidate...

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