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Should our nation have immigration laws?

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Should our Country Have Immigration Laws


ENG 1301 Final Paper: Writing to Persuade

Should our nation have immigration laws? Choose a clear position with clear reasons to support your argument. Have a clear and obvious thesis in which you state your position and your reasons.

Additionally, you must:

1. Have topic sentences for each major point you make (which should begin new paragraphs each time).

2. Use at least two (2) of the textbook articles to support your argument, as well as at least one (1) outside source. Please note: the more research/data/evidence/statistics/etc. you have to back up your argument, the stronger your paper will be.

3. Parenthetically cite EVERY source you use and list only the sources you use on a works cited page. NOT doing these things will result in an automatic failing grade.

4. Use at least one original (created by you) example of logos, ethos, AND pathos. Ethos will be your research; you also will need to reason with your audience (logos) and engage them emotionally (pathos). Powerful diction, rhetorical questions, and repetition are just a few ways to implement logos and pathos.

5. Use the Rogerian approach somewhere in your paper to address what “the other side” thinks and to explain why it is wrong. You may quote “the other side,” but don’t pull in statistical evidence as support or you will be hurting your own argument.

6. Use a formal tone throughout.

7. Visit the Writing Center. That’s right; I said “must.” This will be worth points, so make arrangements now!

8. Have a clear and hopefully powerful conclusion in which there is a call to action for your audience: What would you have them do as a result of reading your paper?

I will attach few articles - you will have to use 2 articles from the attached once and pick one outside sources. Paper needs 2 + 1 = 3 sources. 


Name Course Instructor Date Should Our Country Have Immigration Laws Arizona’s immigration laws highlighted the debate and surrounding undocumented immigrants crossing from Mexico to the U.S southern border. Alfonso Aguilar the leader of a Republican-leaning group argued that, the Democrats pounced on the immigration law to attack Republicans, while there was no meaningful proposal by the Democrats to change the immigration laws (Lamm & Everett 661). This highlights the differences in opinion on the role of immigration laws towards normalizing a path to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants. Support for legal immigration and not il


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